Lush DRAGmas: Behind the Scenes with Shea Couleé, Kim Chi and Detox

Ready for an eleganza extravaganza? This year, Drag Race Superstars Shea Couleé, Kim Chi and Detox come together to bring Lush Christmas to life! Beat your face, toss on a wig and join our Queens for this bubbling, fizzing and foaming array of exclusive holiday treats. Shea, our Queen of Christmas Spirit, got up close and personal with the brand-new bubbling Candy Cane because she knows stripes go with everything. Holiday glamor icon Detox is all about Shoot For The Stars, our beautiful Brazilian orange oil fizzer. And the sugar plum pixie known as Kim Chi loves the softening sparkle of Star Light Star Bright. Find your new festive favorite from the full Christmas collection Featured products: Grab the Golden Pear - Just Shoot For The Stars - Hog the Yog Nog - Sprinkle on Perle De Sel - Go for the Golden Wonder - All hail the Lord Of Misrule - Swirl your Candy Cane - Spread the Cheery Christmas - Wave the Magic Wand - Ready for Snow Fairy's Jelly? - Snuggle up with Naked Sleepy - Cuddle up with bottled Sleepy - Have a ho-ho Holey Night - Make it a Star Light Star Bright night - Searching for the perfect gift? We can help: Love Lush? Connect with us! | Lush app for iOS - Lush app for Android - Lush makes fresh, handmade cosmetics including bath bombs, bubble bars, dry shampoo, shower gels, shower smoothies, luxury bath oils and more for all your bath, haircare and skincare needs. We're also proud to support charities who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment through our Charity Pot program. Learn more about the organizations we work with at