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Tips and Tricks - 43 Article(s)

One of the many perks of working for LUSH is getting to see and try all the products before they’re released. How else are we going to tell you all about them? Read more
When the weather turns frosty, we tend to spend loads of time warming up indoors. While it may get rid of your shivers, intense heat can actually dry your skin out. So it’s extra important to take care of exposed areas like hands and feet in wintertime Read more
Are your lips ready to pucker up by the fireplace? The winter weather can take its toll, but our lip scrubs, balms and tints will keep your pout soft and delicious-perfect prep for a holiday smooch! Read more
Colder weather is here and it's the perfect time to repair summer damage and prep your skin for the winter months ahead. Read more
Suffering from cold winter tootsies? Before you layer up with thick wooly socks, try having a warming foot bath to get your blood flowing. Read more
We tend to take our skin for granted throughout the warmer months, and then winter hits and we're reminded of what the weather can do to our faces! Read more
Hair treatments aren’t just for those in need of a serious hair overhaul! Using hair treatments on a regular basis is also part of maintaining your beautiful tresses. Read more
Do shampoos and conditioners typically contain animal products? Yes, they do. For people leading a vegan lifestyle, their choices may surpass what they eat to the products they use in their daily life. Read more
Take many warm baths or steamy showers and wash your cares away. Read more
Our massage bars are for anyone who wants to use an environmentally conscious product that needs no preservatives and no packaging! Read more
At LUSH, we believe the most romantic place you can spend your evening is…in the tub! Read more