Take Back the Tap

Water is a basic human right, and is absolutely necessary for the survival of the planet. In North America, consumers are spending billions of dollars on bottled water, when clean tap water is readily available to most. Choosing tap water over bottled water is more than just a daily choice; it’s about preventing further degradation to the environment, keeping public health top of mind, stopping the privatization of public resources and ensuring all people can exercise their right to water.

In July 2013, we launched a campaign to raise awareness about the environmental and social impacts of bottled water. All of our shops across North America became campaign centers where customers could learn how to take back the tap in their community. We sold limited edition reusable bottles by Liberty Bottleworks during the campaign, with $5 from the purchase of each bottle donated to one of our three campaign partners. Our shops also became designated refill stations, meaning customers could refill their reusable water bottles at any LUSH location.

Our Partners

Wellington Water Watchers’ passion is grassroots community engagement to protect source water. We advocate for progressive water-use policy development and empower thousands of individuals to become educated water stewards. They live by a new 4Rs: Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, then Recycle.

Living Lakes Canada links academia and science with action-oriented groups, to foster citizen-based water stewardship, and to help understand and appreciate the intimate connections among watershed stewardship, water quality, resource sustainability, climate change and biodiversity.

Kurmalliance is a non-profit organization focused on protecting & preserving marine habitats for sea turtles through plastic clean up efforts & the Pluckfastic movement, which encourages the community to choose to refuse single use plastic products.

Our Progress

By purchasing over 9000 Liberty Bottleworks reusable bottles, you helped us raise $45,000 for our campaign partners! Our customers chose which partner would receive their $5 donation when they purchased a reusable bottle, and the total donation was split between the three non-profits accordingly.

Since the campaign, we have declared our home office in Vancouver, BC a ‘bottled water free zone’ and no longer allow bottled water at meetings or in our factory. We are still working on water filtration systems for shops in cities with poor water quality.