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A Cosmetics Revolution for the Planet

Our actions, innovations and commitments

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Sustainability at Lush

We're creating a cosmetics revolution to save the planet. This requires taking big action, and we’re determined to do just that. A Lush product is so much more than it seems. It’s the sum of all the relationships, materials, creativity, labor and life that made it possible.

Content card - Our Packaging
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Our Packaging

Our ethical approach 

The Lush Investments Program

Investing in people, communities, and the Earth

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Lush Investments

Growing beyond sustainable

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Jojoba Oil: It’s Complicated

How we’re navigating the risky business of jojoba

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Revitalizing Through Reforestation and Agroforestry in Guatemala

How regenerative farming is changing the game

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Regenerative Farming in Peru

How we grow together

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Cultivating Flourishing Ecosystems in Uganda

How regenerative farming is bringing forests back

 Our progress

From naked creations to Lush Investments, every move we make is an opportunity to leave the world lusher than we found it.

Our progress

Our progress

Reducing our impact at home and around the world

Our ecological footprint

We got 50 new local composting partners for our shops, helping divert almost 2,700 lbs of organics from the landfill annually, which is the weight of six female polar bears.