The Art of Massage

Let’s heat things up…
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There’s just something about luxuriating with a partner – no phones, no computers. Just two people enjoying each other’s company for a couple of hours while engaging in the intimate act of…massage.

Massages may typically be viewed as a one-time, special-night-only treat, but studies show that a soft, sensuous massage with your partner might just be what the doctor ordered. It can help improve sleep, ease sore muscles, boost your mood, reduce stress and help you and your partner enjoy an evening of intimate connection.

Massage as medicine? We like the sound of that, and we can help you master the art of massage. And don’t worry if you’re new at it, practice makes perfect!

Get your hot hands on a massage bar.

Our solid massage bars were made for lovers. Packed with moisturizing butters, all it takes is the heat of your body to really get things going. The moment it hits warm skin, it melts on contact so you can begin relieving tension as you smooth the bar all over, working out those tight muscles. Plus, each bar has a gorgeous scent that’ll help set the mood.

Where to begin?

Start at the top, shoulders and arms, and slowly work your way down the back as the massage bar’s butters melt onto the skin, hands gliding smoothly. Set the unused portion of the bar aside to use later, and get those hands working. Knead the muscles, rubbing out any kinks or knots you find. Try to keep your hands on their body the entire time to stay connected and keep your partner entirely relaxed.

Heat up your night and share a massage!

Wiccy Magic Muscles being massaged onto someone's back

Massage everywhere.

Gently press your fingers up and widen them across the base of the scalp, rub around your partner’s ears, gently pulling the earlobes. Massage the jaw, while reminding them to breathe deeply to help release the tension in their face and body. Rub down the neck to their shoulders and lower back, arms, hands. Massage the buttocks and legs right down to the feet, and rub the arch of the foot, heel, and tips of the toes. Work your way back up.

Be generous.

It’s important to take the time to connect with your partner's body, and really feel with your fingers where the tension is kept. If they moan when you get to a certain part, spend a little extra time working on that spot. Ask them where they want your hands to go, and enjoy the moment. This is your time for luxuriating in each other’s bodies and going slow will make everyone feel relaxed and at ease. Once you’re done, switch roles, because two massages are definitely better than one. And don’t forget: practice, practice, practice!

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