Journey into the Lush Spa

Go on an odyssey of the senses
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Every treatment is a unique and personalized journey that picks you up where you find yourself, and puts you down right where you want to be.

Imagine you're on a busy city street, where the roar of cars blends with voices in animated conversation, shoppers navigating crowded sidewalks with overstuffed bags and street vendors with carts loaded down with fast food. Suddenly, you find yourself in an oasis of calm – the barrage of sight, smells and sounds has been replaced with gentle lighting, friendly faces and a place to unwind. Welcome to the Lush Spa, where your journey is just beginning.

You won’t find any sleek white couches or cool marble countertops here – the Lush Spa looks like a cozy English kitchen complete with mismatched tea cups, quaint furniture, bunches of fresh flowers and a big wooden table. Like arriving at your grandmother’s home after a long trip, you feel at ease in this welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle on the streets, and perhaps in your mind. Relaxed and intrigued, you’ve left your worries at the door and are ready to embark on a transformative journey.

It's all about you

Developing the spa began with a desire to take care of you in a way respects your individual needs. “Everything we do at Lush is based on the same idea of helping you feel exactly how you want, inside and out. The spa is the heart of our business,” explains co-founder and spa treatment inventor, Rowena Bird. Your spa therapist will help guide you, but the journey and the destination are yours to determine. “It’s not about what the therapist is doing to you,” says Rowena. “This is your treatment and you are in charge.”

This is not a dream: this is an odyssey of the senses with spa treatments meticulously designed to take you on a journey through your subconscious and back again. The Lush Spa engages all of your senses in a way that goes beyond the expected, leaving you feeling just how you want, and with a smile on your face.

The Sound Bath takes you on a journey into deep relaxation

The Lush Spa Sound Bath Treatment

All senses go

The first treatment developed is also the signature treatment: Synaesthesia. Synaethesia can be described as an involuntary joining of two different senses, and is experienced by only a small portion of the population. For some, hearing a sound will bring to mind a color. Others might hear a sound when experiencing a fragrance – it all depends on the individual. The treatment of the same name borrows this idea of mingling senses, and is designed to occupy all elements of your sensory, conscious mind so that your subconscious can find space to play.

As part of this treatment, you select a word that speaks to you from those written on the wall. Your eyes are then drawn to a collection of softly glowing, colored bottles, each with a handwritten tag beckoning you to select just one. These words will become the basis of your treatment, engaging your mind – and your senses – at the same time. Setting an intention for your treatment through choosing powerful, evocative words was developed with the advice of behavioral hypnotherapist, Lady Helen Kennedy. In the comfortable and relaxed setting of the spa, you are ready to take a trip through your own inner thoughts. “When you are in dream world, you can orchestrate your experience,” says Lady Helen.

As your journey continues, the calls of thrushes and distant noises of woodland insects are layered on top of chimes in a wash of sound. An electronic beat resonates in your chest as the massage smooths tension from your shoulders, rolling in waves across your chest. This feeling of being transported stays with you, even after you leave the room.

You may be walking out the same door you came through, but your new perspective might make what you find on the other side seem slightly different.

Song and dance

To an outside observer, it may look like a dance is happening between the therapist and the guest, which is not far from reality. In every treatment, the therapist’s movements are rhythmic and carefully choreographed to support the specially designed soundtrack that intertwines orchestral beauty, classic lyrics and tranquil, natural soundscapes in a unique and lighthearted way.

Drawing deeply on English folk music traditions and a love of birdsong, the soundscapes are a collaborative effort between Lush co-founder Mark Constantine and Grammy award-nominated record producer and musician Simon Emmerson. From the church bells to the birdsong, all the natural sounds were collected in places like the English countryside and the Finnish forests, capturing the feeling of the place and transporting you there.

Feel like smiling

A multi-faceted sensory experience is a key component of the all the spa treatments. From a facial that instills inner confidence to a body scrub that reminds you to have a good laugh to a massage that takes you on a journey through your deepest thoughts, expect to emerge from your treatment feeling changed. “Let us take care of you,” says Rowena. “There can be so much comfort in allowing someone else to pamper you. Hopefully after an hour with us, you will feel like smiling.” Above all, your treatment is a full immersion into the heart of Lush, and a journey into the unexpected.

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