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We all like to indulge at Easter, but don’t forget who gets the biggest kick out of an egg hunt: kids! And while our products are fun for people of all ages, we have a few that are perfect for the little Lushies in our lives.

Whether it’s colorful trips to the tub or epic showertime fun they’re after, we’ve got a selection of treats to keep them smiling. Grab a limited edition Easter creation or a trusty favorite available any time of the year.

Bath Bombs

This Easter, there’s more to our bath bombs than meets the eye. The citrusy and uplifting Which Came First? comes in stripes or spots, and you’ll find a treat inside once you crack open your colorful egg: between the two halves and the surprise inside, there’s enough bath bomb here for three sweet, grapefruit-scented soaks. And when they’re in desperate need of skin-loving baths, it’s Free Rangers to the rescue! This fruity fizzer is available in three colors - blue, purple and orange - and is loaded with blackcurrant absolute, giving it a mouthwatering berry scent. Plus, it comes in two halves, meaning double the fun.

Year-round favorites are always a good go-to: Pop Yellow Submarine in the tub and get ready to plunge into a yellow and pink-tinted adventure! Lemongrass, coriander and orange oils create a scent like a tropical cocktail. Or perhaps they’re looking to blast off to another planet? Mesmerizing Rocket Science is fueled by cleansing Sicilian lemon oil that will send refreshing citrusy scents into the air. Enjoy streams of yellow and pink as this skin-softener zips across deep blue waters for out-of-this-world baths.

After a long day of fun and play, it can be hard to get the little ones to settle down for bed. Ickle Baby Bot is the only bathtime buddy they need. Equipped with ray guns of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood, it’ll help them settle down after an energetic day. And speaking of settling down, our dreamy Twilight Bath Bomb is rich in lavender oil and tonka absolute, perfect for calming them (and you) before bed with its relaxing scent.


Nothing says bathtime fun like reusable bubble bars! The limited edition Easter feast continues with Bunch of Carrots. This trio is packed with buchu, lemon and bergamot for fruity, uplifting baths. Bubble Spinner unleashes bubbles rich in citrusy scents from lemon, lime and grapefruit that will refresh and revitalize. Just grab the wooden centre, hold under running water and spin!

We’ve got moisturizing cocoa butter-infused bubble bars to delight them, too. Cream Egg Bubbleroon is available in yellow, blue or pink , and makes for mountains of soft, mint-chocolate bubbles in the tub. And when they’ve got that sweet tooth, get ‘em Creamy Candy - the skin-softening, vanilla-rich bubble bar for a fluffy bubble bonanza. Their baths will smell like trips to the candy store!

Sometimes it’s a little love they need, and they’ll find that with The Comforter Bubble Bar. This fruity favorite creates playfully pink water and soft, huggable bubbles.

Bathtime fun with Cream Egg Blue Bubbleroon

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While all our products are loaded with fun, these two colorful creations were made with kids in mind and can be used as a soap, shampoo, bubble bar or simply as a toy. Aliens and Monsters and Rainbow are bathtime treats that can be shaped into whatever their imagination conjures up, whether it’s a spaceship, a monster or a multicolored star!

Last, but not least

If it wobbles, it’s gonna be fun. That’s what you get with Whoosh Shower Jelly - a wibbly-wobbly wash filled with an energizing citrus mix and carrageenan, a seaweed extract that makes our jellies jiggle. It’s a wonderful way for them to start their day!

Looking for more kid-suitable Lush goodies? Visit your local Lush shop or call our customer care team at 1-888-733-5874 for expert advice and tips.

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