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The Benefits of Burning Candles

Introducing Lush Candles—for the ultimate bathing experience (and beyond)

Envision drawing yourself a hot bath after a long day, the warmth of the steam hugging around you as you light your favorite candle—allowing a soft glow to flicker as its gentle fragrance fills the air.

Did the thought of this alone relax you a little? Don’t be surprised, because the mental health benefits of burning a candle have been researched and are very real.

We created our candle line to help you slow down and take some time for yourself. Made with rapeseed, coconut and castor waxes and ethically-sourced essential oils, we’ve combined the power of some of our most loved scents with the soothing nature of long candlelit baths to create therapeutic aromas you can enjoy in, and out of, the bath.

We believe in long, candle-lit baths and filling the world with fragrance.

Three Lush candles sit on a small, round coffee table in a living-room setting. An open book can be seen on a couch in the background along with some potted plants. One of the candles is white, one is rose-pink and one is purple—they are all lit and sit in frosted glass holders.

Improve your sleep

Sleepy Candle

Creating a restful ambiance can be incredibly beneficial to maintaining a healthy sleep pattern. Reducing blue light and instead allowing the soft flicker of a candle to fill your space can help calm your mind come bedtime. Married with our beloved Sleepy scent of herbal lavender and soothing tonka absolute, our Sleepy Candle is the perfect wind-down companion, designed to help you drift off into a sweet dreamland moments after blowing it out.

For an elevated calming experience, we recommend laying back in a soothing bath before bed and treating your skin to Beauty Sleep Face And Body Mask—allowing it’s sweet scent and calming valerian root extracted in honey to release any stresses that may be worrying you.

Boost your mood

Orange Blossom Candle

Adding the warmth of a candle to your space can help uplift the atmosphere on days when the world is a bit too much. And since citrus scents offer a juicy pop of energy, we combined the two with Orange Blossom Candle. Run a hot bath, lay back and fill your space with the bright nature of bergamot and neroli oils—letting its delightful flicker refresh your mind and ease your soul.

Psst … candles aren’t just for the bath. Start your day with an invigorating shower surrounded by the soft light and joyful scent of Orange Blossom. We recommend pairing it with Good Karma … Everybody Needs Some Shower Gel for a patchouli and lemongrass suds that’ll have you singing in the shower!

Achieve more focus

The Olive Branch Candle

Whether you’re working from home or trying to commit time to a creative project, setting up the right atmosphere can make or break one’s focus. Lighting a candle can center your attention by adding intention to your space, and bright citrus or zippy green scents help to stimulate the mind. The Olive Branch Candle holds a delicate aroma of galbanum oil and orange blossom to help uplift and clear your mind, whether you’re at work or just need a boost at the end of a very long day.

Then, once your work is done, throw on Mask Of Magnaminty Power Mask for a soothing peppermint sensation that will clean your pores while opening your mind. No one said focus can’t also be fun!

Don’t see your favorite scent? Let us know what Lush scents you’d like added to the candle family!

For the ultimate bathing experience