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What is Lush Subscriptions?

Your favorite products, delivered when you want them

Keep your Lush stash freshly stocked with regular deliveries.

Running out of your favorite product when you don’t have a backup is a bummer. We’ve been there, too. But you’ll never have to go without your must-haves if you sign up for Lush Subscriptions: simply choose your favorite products, tell us how often you want them delivered and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s easy as 1-2-3!

1. Choose your favorite products

Almost all of our year-round products are eligible for subscription, so you can enjoy a steady stream of your favorite Lush inventions, from bath bombs to shampoo bars to shower jellies. Opt into subscriptions either on individual product pages or in your shopping cart before checking out. Look for the “Order Subscription” button on product pages or in your shopping cart to see what you can subscribe to.

2. Set a schedule

Tell us how often you want your favorite products delivered—from once a month to once every six months—and we’ll keep them coming. Set a different delivery schedule for every product you subscribe to. Need a new kitchen soap every month? We got you. Only run out of moisturizer every four months? That’s cool, too. You can also skip deliveries or move your delivery dates whenever you want.

3. Add one-time purchases (if you want)

Need to buy a present for a friend, want to try something new or gotta grab the latest limited edition creations? Add one-time purchases to your scheduled orders so you don’t have to pay to have them delivered on their own.