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Recycled Black Pots

Our little black pots are more than meets the eye!

As often as possible, we try to create products that don’t require any packaging at all. For the products that require packaging, we use 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic to make the pots, bottles and lids that house them. Our Buying team is continually working behind the scenes with our suppliers to make our pots as environmentally friendly as possible.

Post-consumer recycled

At Lush, all of our primary packaging is post-consumer recycled. This means that the plastic comes from recycled material—straight from the recycling bin, collected through local recycling programs, and sent to recycling facilities. This is different from post-industrial material, which is waste generated from the original manufacturing process and that’s used again in the same material. Both of these materials are more environmentally-friendly as they reduce the need for extracting finite resources (e.g. virgin plastic).

What goes around, comes around

If you are still curious about our Bring It Back program, head into a Lush location to ask one of our staff or take a look at our Bring It Back Terms & Conditions for more helpful insight into closed-loop recycling.