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Recycled Black Pots

Our little black pots are more than meets the eye!

Seemingly plain and unassuming, our little black pots are more than just vehicles for our shampoos, cleansers, conditioners and more. In fact, they’re as innovative as most of the products we create!

As often as possible, we try to create products that don’t require any packaging at all—these naked creations give our shops their signature scent—but for many of our lovely liquid products, packaging is a must. In those cases, we use 100 percent recycled plastic to make the pots, bottles and lids that house them. Our buying team has been busy trying to make these pots greener than ever by working behind the scenes with our suppliers.

For years, our main supplier of black pots was a company across the Pacific in Taiwan. However, simply sourcing pots made from recycled materials wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to reduce our footprint even further by finding and working with a local supplier—and we did!

West coast plastic

Based in Oregon and British Columbia, our current suppliers are almost right in our backyard, so our finished black pots don’t need to travel nearly as far. To maintain our high standards for our unique black pots, we rely on three different suppliers: one company to collect, sort and wash recycled plastic, a second to create the resin which is used to mold our black pots and a third company – just 12 miles away from us in Vancouver – to mold them into their final form.

We collect and recycle our empty black pots

Associate holding black pots

The life of our pots begins with—you guessed it—recycled plastic! Collected from curbside blue bins across Oregon, California, Washington and British Columbia, plastic is collected, sorted, granulated, washed and turned into flakes. The flakes are then sorted into many different kinds of plastics, including polypropylene, which is used to make our black pots and lids.

Once sorted, the flakes are turned into resin and sent to a supplier just 12 miles away from our Vancouver factory, who then molds it into our beautiful black pots. All recycled, all local.

What goes around, comes around

Once these recycled black pots arrive at our factory, we fill them with our most luxurious products and send them straight out to our shops across North America. And to be certain they’re as environmentally friendly as possible, we encourage every single one of you to be part of our closed recycling loop: simply return five clean black pots to one of our shops in exchange for a free fresh face mask! We send the returned pots back to our Vancouver supplier, where they regrind and remold those pots again and again. So much more goes into our pots than our luxurious products!