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Need a Lift?

Sea salt helps you pump up the volume!

Twist the lid on a pot of Big Shampoo and you’ll find our favorite ingredient for volumizing hair.

Big is thick with coarse sea salt; over half the base is made up of it! You won’t be able to resist scooping it straight out of the pot with your fingers and massaging it into your hair and scalp. The sea salt base not only adds volume, but it’s incredibly effective at deep-cleansing the hair and scalp for a squeaky-clean feeling. The second ingredient is fresh organic lemon infusion, which cleanses and adds shine to the hair. Seaweed infusion and extra virgin coconut oil balance things out to leave hair soft and nourished, while still looking bouncy and bright.

Pump up the volume with Big Shampoo

Volumize hair and add shine by washing with Big Shampoo

Our solid shampoo bars may be small, but they’re packed full of fresh ingredients and essential oils to benefit the hair and scalp. If it’s lifted locks you’re after, Seanik is the bar to choose. It’s also packed with sea salt to give your hair and scalp a really deep clean, while degreasing and giving volume to limp, fine hair. The addition of seaweed and lemon oil leaves hair feeling soft and looking shiny.

Do you avoid conditioners for fear they’ll weigh your fine hair down? Big was invented as a volumizing companion to our best-selling shampoo. Just like Big Shampoo, it’s loaded with sea salt, fresh lemon juice and seaweed to leave hair soft, boosted and looking shiny. To use the solid conditioner, just wet the bar then slide it along the length of your wet hair. After a massage, rinse and revel in the bouncy, fresh results.

We don’t stop there! Sea salt is also one of the main attractions in our Sea Spray Hair Mist. Spritz some all over locks for hold, shine and a beach-beautiful bounce. If you want a volumized, wavy look, spritz this blend of sea salt, fresh sea water and seaweed extract into wet hair, make a loose braid, let it dry, then let it go.

Check out all of our products that contain sea salt. Not only is sea salt volumizing and cleansing, it’s exfoliating and brightening when used in skincare products, too!