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Our Packaging

Reduced, reused, or recycled

We’re in a unique position to embed our values and zero-waste philosophy throughout our entire business. We’re responsible for the impact that our packaging has on customers’ experiences and the earth, and have a long, proud history of innovating to remove packaging where we can.

Put simply, we’d rather put our money into quality and ethical ingredients than the packaging around it. When we do have packaging, we make sure it’s less harmful to the environment based on its materials, reusability and recyclability.

Naked products

Our product inventors lead the way, putting a lot of focus on innovation and reformulation by removing the water content from products to create solid alternatives with natural preservatives like honey and salt. We’re making zero-waste washing possible with 65 percent of our products being packaging-free.

Each shampoo bars lasts from 80-100 washes—or up to three 250 ml/8.4 fl. oz. bottles of liquid shampoo.

A hand holds a pink shampoo bar to their hair, which is soapy.

Post-consumer plastic

Our primary packaging—pots, lids and bottles—are sold in 100 percent post-consumer plastic. This means that the plastic we’re reusing comes from curbside recycling programs and meets FDA safety standards. We’re always looking to reduce our plastic use, so we made our clear bottles 10 percent thinner, which saved almost 13,500 pounds of plastic. Our plastic bottles can be recycled through your local recycling program.

Take-back pot program

If you collect five of our containers (empty and clean, of course), you can return them to any of our shops for a free fresh face mask. We take your old pots back and have them broken down and remolded into new pots as part of our closed-recycling loop. In fact, it happens locally in North America, by a company that’s close to our factories and that provides full transparency to our recycled materials.


Left your reusable one at home? No problem! Our paper bags are made from 100 percent recycled paper or you can choose one of our 100 percent organic cotton canvas bags for your goodies. We have a long-standing commitment with Canopy, a group that works with companies and the industry to protect ancient and endangered forests.

Knot wraps

Since 2010, we’ve been offering fabric knot-wraps as an alternative to single-use gift wrapping. They’re based on the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki, so they’re reusable as gift wrap or accessory, and made from either 100 percent organic cotton or a fabric that’s woven from recycled plastic bottles.


When we use packaging or create materials that could produce waste, we ensure they can be reused after they’ve served their Lush purpose. Many of our gifts are packed in beautiful reusable boxes, which can be used to give another gift or to organize jewelry, stationary, or anything else you like.

Naked products in our gifts and online orders coming from our Vancouver facility are in bags that look like plastic but are actually made of 100 percent biodegradable cellophane. These bags allow naked products to arrive in the same beautiful condition as when they were made. We’re working hard to transition our wrapped naked products packed in our Toronto facility to the same 100 percent industrially-compostable cellulose.

Online orders

You’ll experience our commitment to the four Rs: refuse, reduce, recycle and reuse in your online orders, too. Our team packages your products into a 100 percent recycled cardboard box with protective, vegetable-based packing peanuts (never styrofoam) that dissolve in water and can be composted.