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Empowering Women for a Change

Meet the Pangea Network

For most of us, being a leader isn’t something that comes naturally—but sometimes, all it takes is a little support and guidance.

Just the thought of taking charge, leading the pack and starting something new seems harder than we think. But it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to making a positive impact on the people within our communities, change doesn’t have to be a huge thing—in fact, most change-makers and leaders start off small.

Meet the Pangea Network

To empower young women and give them the support they need to become leaders in, there’s the Pangea Network. This Charity Pot partner gets young women started on the path to becoming leaders giving them the knowledge, skills and networking needed to be successful and make positive contributions in their communities.

For the Pangea Network, creating leaders means empowering people. From the students who take part in their comprehensive and interactive programs to the staff, supporters and team alumnae, empowerment and helping others be the best versions of themselves is at the core of this dynamic organization.

The Young Women’s Leadership Challenge

For high school girls living in Texas, the Pangea Network offers a summer conference that teaches them about what it means to be a leader, social entrepreneur and peace-builder. Over the course of six days, participants hear from expert leaders and entrepreneurs, learn about global issues, conflict resolution, and media and financial literacy—everything need to take their dreams and goals to the next level.

Students are also encouraged to create their own projects in the Take Action Challenge. This activity teaches girls to use the leadership and critical thinking skills they’ve acquired over six days at the conference and put them to use in a real-world setting by starting a project with a vision, goal, fundraising and marketing with the support of the network.

Students listen to a speaker from the Pangea Network

The Pangea Network conference

The Kenyan Women’s Network

Across the world, the Pangea Network is helping Kenyan women build relationships, find support and become vital contributors within their communities. Word of mouth is here: women who have successfully started businesses share their experiences with others and offer encouragement to begin their own journeys.

It starts with a six-month skills-building workshop, where women learn what they need to create a successful business—and the impact can be seen throughout the community. Women who run their own businesses can feed their families, send their kids to school and give back to their communities through education, support and extending the network even further to help other women achieve success.

Want to get involved?

To help empower women, it’s a breeze to donate to any of the Pangea Network’s comprehensive programs. You can even help extend the Pangea Network’s reach by inviting their team to speak at your school or local event.

We’re proud to support projects like the Pangea Network through our Charity Pot program. 100 percent of the purchase price of this floral body lotion (minus the taxes) is donated to grassroots projects that benefit people, animals and the planet. Learn about the other organizations we support or suggest a new one!