Ingredients with Soaperpower

Lather up and get super clean!

When life gives us lemons, oranges, elderberries, eucalyptus and lavender, we slice, dice, squeeze and blend them into some of our most popular soaps. Why? Because when it’s time to get clean, only the best ingredients will do.

Grab a slice of any of our soaps and you’ll find loads of skin-conditioning, dirt-crushing ingredients aplenty! We rely on them because we know these ones are naturals when it comes to gently removing oil and dirt from your skin—plus, fresh fruits and essential oils make scrubbing up smell irresistibly good.


Grab a slice of Respect Your Elders and suds up with this wonderfully delicate and blackcurrant-scented soap. We packed it with elderberries, which gives it the power to leave skin feeling silky soft and smelling beautiful. Elderberries are also rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids to give skin a deep clean and help keep it soothed and feeling beautifully soft.


Made with both a eucalyptus infusion and eucalyptus oil, Outback Mate Soap has an intoxicating scent that will keep you coming back for more. Eucalyptus helps cut through dirt and oil to leave skin feeling ultra clean, while the refreshing tingle of peppermint oil and the uplifting aroma of lemongrass will keep you smiling all day long.

Get clean down under with Outback Mate

Outback Mate Soap


This one’s no stranger to Lush. We use lavender in some of our most popular products to create a soothing, relaxing experience—and Lavender Vida Loca is no exception! Its calming pale purple center and dreamy outer shell are an exquisite blend of French lavender and chamomile that will create thick, creamy suds to help you wind down before heading off to dreamland.

Maple Syrup

Along with the cleansing power of peppermint oil, Maypole is packed full of Canadian maple syrup. This creamy sudser will create a rich lather clean and soften skin thanks to the syrup—it also makes it gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

Lemon, Orange, Lime (LOL!)

You’ll be laughing with giddiness at how good Sexy Peel Soap is! Freshly squeezed citrus juices are naturally cleansing. Loaded with enzymes, they’ve got enough cleaning power to break through dirt and oil on your skin leaving it refreshed and clean. And with all that citrus goodness, it has a scent that’s sure to help you start the morning off right.