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How to Use Reusable Bubble Bars

Make bubbles. Let dry. Repeat.

Reusable bubble bars look just like our usual bubble bars, but they're so much more! They'll still make every bubble bath a frothy, fragrant utopia that'll leave your skin feeling super soft and delicately scented, but with a few tips and tricks on how to use, we can show you how to get the most of it for a few lushious soaks.

Step by step
Hold under running water
1 Grab your reusable bubble bar and hold it under the tap as the water fills your tub.
Swish for bubbles
2 As the water and bubbles fill your tub, swish the water around to create even more luxurious bubbles.
Set it aside to dry
3 Before storing, let your reusable bubble bar dry completely. Then, set it aside so it's ready for your next bath.
A slotted or draining soap dish will help your bubbler fully dry between uses.

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