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Banner - How to Use Lush Body Tints and Massage Bars

How to Use Lush Body Tints and Massage Bars

Soften up and glow!

If you’re looking to ease aching muscles or give your skin a healthy glow, moisturizing massage bars and beautifying body tints are always a solid choice.

Solid body tints

Our solid body tints are the perfect way to give skin a subtle hint of color or a gorgeous glimmer—prepare to look delicious!

Made with super-softening cocoa butter, these tints not only smell heavenly, they’ll leave your skin looking and feeling divine.

How to use solid body tints

- Melt the solid tint between your hands or directly onto your body.
- Glide over shoulders, legs, arms… wherever you’d like some shimmer!

When you’re done

- Take that tint and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight—we wouldn’t want it melting, would we?
- You could even use a storage tin. They’re great for traveling, too, keeping your tints clean and organized.

Massage bars

Massage bars will take on aching muscles and relieve tension—stress be gone!

Marvelously moisturizing butters and aromatic essential oils are loaded into each bar: you’ll feel—and smell—better than ever.

How to use massage bars

- Choose an area that needs some love.
- Melt the butter-rich bar onto your skin and massage in the fragrant, moisturizing oil.

When you’re done

- Keep your massage bars out of direct sunlight! Once you’re done massaging yourself (or someone else) store your bar in a cool, dry place.
- Grab a massage bar tin to keep your bars clean and organized, whether you’re at home or traveling.