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How to Use Body Butter

Soften up in the shower

Make the last step in your shower routine the best by moisturizing and exfoliating your skin with a beautiful body butter. Cocoa and shea butters and naturally exfoliating ingredients like ground almond soften and moisturize so you can emerge from the shower with bright, smooth skin. Learn more about our solid scrubby body butters as well as our miraculous body butters.

Step by step
Cleanse skin
1 Hop in the shower, grab your favorite body wash and lather up. Once you've rinsed off, bring in your body butter.
Apply to wet skin
2 Rub the body butter directly over wet skin until it begins to melt.
Massage and rinse
3 Massage body butter all over arms, legs and body for moisture and exfoliation. Rinse and emerge from the shower with soft, hydrated skin. Pat dry and go forth.
Store your body butter in a dry, well-draining spot and it will last for many uses.

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