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How to Choose Your Lush Deodorant

So, you’ve decided to switch to a natural deodorant. But where do you start? Right here!

If you’re used to drugstore deo brands, we admit: our deodorants may look a little funky. But have no fear—these tips will help you choose the perfct Lush deodorant for you.

First things first: our deodorants are just that—deodorants. They won’t stop you from sweating, but they will keep you smelling fresh. We’ve used gentle powders and fragrant essential oils that absorb excess moisture while keeping you smelling like you’re fresh from the shower.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a deodorant: what type of deo are you using now? When and how will you use your deodorant? How much do you perspire in a typical day?

Solid deodorants

If you’re switching to natural deodorant from an antiperspirant or roll-on deodorant for the first time, Aromaco is a great place to start. This solid bar has a creamy texture, just like a conventional solid deodorant stick, except it’s completely packaging-free! Simply pop your bar into an airtight container like our square tin to keep it fresh. A gentle blend of absorbent baking soda, astringent witch hazel infusion and fragrant patchouli oil keeps things fresh with a subtle earthy scent. Check out the reviews for Aromaco—fans love that it keeps them smelling fab even in the Texas heat!

T'eo is a solid alternative to traditional deodorants

T'eo Deodorant

T'eo is another deodorant in a familiar bar shape. It’s also solid and packaging-free, but has a drier, more powdery texture than Aromaco so will be slightly more absorbent. It’s made with odor neutralizing baking soda and a refreshing blend of tea tree, lemon and juniper berry oils to keep ‘pits fresh and dry. T’eo (and Aromac) are ideal travel partners since they’re solid and won’t melt or spill. Simply put it in a reusable container and toss it in your carry-on for hassle-free trips.

Powder deodorants

We’re leaving solid deos behind and entering powder territory. Why would you choose a powder deodorant, you ask? They’re super absorbent, so are a good option for those who are more active, live in warm climates or are simply naturally sweatier! Both our powder deos come in recycled and recyclable plastic bottles that are easy to pop in a gym bag or use at home.

The Greeench is an herbal blend of tea tree oil, sage, rosemary and thyme in an absorbent base of baking soda and lycopodium powder. To use powder deodorants, simply sprinkle a little into your hand, then pat onto underarms. They also work wonders when dusted into shoes.

For the most absorbent deo possible, turn to The Guv'ner. Just like The Greeench, it’s made of baking soda and lycopodium powder, but also has the added absorbency of charcoal to mop up moisture. An odor-busting blend of sage, lavender and patchouli keep things fresh, while calamine powder keeps skin calm and cool—perfect if your ‘pits sometimes feel irritated.