Haircare Unpackaged

Go packaging-free!

Shampoo, conditioner, treatments and more…a lot of products can go into our hair routines.

And if each product has a package or container, that’s a lot of waste piling up just for our ‘dos. What’s a hair-having person to do? Check out our unpackaged (or as we like to say, naked) haircare and shake up your routine while shedding excess packaging!

Why go naked?

Every time we finish off a bottle of shampoo or use a boxed hair treatment, there’s inevitably some waste left over. Even if we do our best to recycle, the first R is to reduce. We’re proud to say we’ve gone beyond reducing to stripping away packaging completely! This means we have naked options for all your haircare needs. By choosing naked products, you’re eliminating the need for another bottle or box to be produced, transported and recycled: nicely done!

We’ve innovated to make our naked products solid, so they can travel in your carry-on bag wherever you’re headed, and will never spill or leak in your luggage. Plus, most of our naked, solid inventions are self-preserving too, meaning they don’t require any synthetic preservatives to stay fresh.

Meet your naked haircare

Our shampoo bars are our best-known naked inventions for your hair. These solid bars are loaded with fresh ingredients, fragrant essential oils and conditioning butters to leave your locks feeling clean and fabulous. They may be small, but these mighty bars last for about 80 washes—the equivalent of two or three 8-ounce bottles of liquid shampoo!

A selection of our proudly naked haircare

Shampoo bars, Co-wash and solid shampoos all stacked up

Follow up with a solid conditioner for smooth, silky locks. These solid creations are made with a base of hydrating ingredients like coconut oil and fair trade cocoa butter, then each one is customized with specialized ingredients for unique effects. Big, for example, is loaded with sea salt and lemon juice for volume and shine, while Sugar Daddy-O’s violet color keeps blond and gray hair bright. Whichever one you choose, these long-lasting bars will keep your hair looking and feeling fab.

When it comes to keeping your hair and scalp in tip-top condition, an at-home treatment can work wonders. Our solid, naked hot oil treatment delivers serious results without unnecessary packaging. Rich nourishing oils and absolutes restore moisture and tackle concerns like damage and frizz. Check out Damaged to experience the benefits of a naked hair treatment.

Did you ever think you’d find a packaging-free hair dye? Our hennas come totally naked, except for a modest recycled paper slip to give you detailed how to use instructions. We’ve taken natural dyes like henna and indigo, and mixed them with a conditioning fair trade cocoa butter base to create a solid, packaging-free product that’ll give your locks new life. Choose from four shades and see what naked hair dye can do for your ‘do.