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The Finest Essential Oils

Not all essential oils are created equal

We often say that we use the world’s finest essential oils. It’s quite a claim, isn’t it?

Rest assured: it’s not a statement we take lightly. Our buyers travel far and wide to places like Australia, Turkey and Italy to visit suppliers and learn about their processes, and we test each incoming order for purity when it arrives at our factories.

Not all essential oils are created equal

Why the fuss about pure essential oils? The unfortunate truth is that some essential oil manufacturers use additives, extenders and other price-reducing ingredients to increase their profits. These additives increase the risk of skin reactions and can cause unpredictable results when mixing up our products—both things we’re not okay with!

Our commitment to producing the highest quality products possible and telling you exactly what’s inside them means we only use essential oils that are pure and unadulterated —nothing else is ever added. No grading systems exist to regulate the quality of essential oils, so it’s completely up to us to ensure the purity and quality of the oils we’re purchasing.

Chamomile flowers that will be made into essential oil

Chamomile flowers

The double standard

When our buyers visit an essential oil producer and watch the entire process end-to-end, they take a sample of the resulting pure oil. Back at our labs we use an apparatus called a gas chromatograph to produce a chromatogram, or a fingerprint of the unadulterated oil that’s used as the benchmark for that oil. Each time we receive a shipment of it, a sample is compared against the original benchmark to confirm its purity and quality. It’s an extra step we’re glad to take to ensure we’re using the best possible ingredient.

More than a pretty smell

We often think of essential oils as a way to add perfume to a product, but pure essential oils do so much more than create a fragrance—they’re beneficial to your skin, hair and mind too. Take chamomile blue for example: sure it has a lovely herbal aroma that’s inherently relaxing, but its benefits don’t stop there. Its component azulene makes this deep blue-green oil super soothing for irritated skin too. When our inventors decide to use a particular essential oil in a formula it’s often with the therapeutic effect in mind. If we were to use an impure oil, we’d not only miss out on its complex aroma, but its therapeutic effects as well.

It’s our goal that each Lush product you take home is fresh, effective and works like a charm. Using the finest essential oils in every batch is one small piece of the puzzle, and we’re happily working away at the rest, too!