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How to Use Dusting Powder

Don’t sweat it!

Our super absorbent, odor-busting powders are so versatile. You can sprinkle them on your skin, in your hair, on the sheets, or anywhere else that needs a refresh. For use on the body, follow the instructions below.

Step by step
Sprinkle onto hands or body Powder HTU 1.jpg
1 Tap a quarter-sized amount of dusting powder into the palm of your hand or sprinkle directly onto your body.
Pat evenly over skin Powder HTU 2.jpg
2 Pat evenly over skin to stay fresh, dry and silky smooth. Add more if needed.
Pay extra attention Powder HTU 3.jpg
3 Gently rub dusting powder onto areas that tend to get a bit sweaty as it will keep skin dry and smooth.
Sprinkle a dash of dusting powder onto the sheets and you’ll wake up with dry, smooth and freshly scented skin.

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