Dry Skin?

Meet our richest moisturizers

We’ve all experienced dreaded dry skin—it’s itchy, flaky and uncomfortable. But what’s really going on when your skin feels dry?

Simply put, dry skin lacks the water and oils that it needs to stay soft and flexible. It’s usually caused by environmental factors like dry air from indoor heating and cooling, and showers or baths in water that’s too hot. In most cases, dry skin can be alleviated by reducing your exposure to hot water (lukewarm water is best for showers and baths), and by supplementing your skin’s moisture content with hydrating products. Regularly exfoliating skin that’s prone to dryness also helps. Scrubbing removes dead skin cells, which reveals the healthy skin beneath and allows your moisturizer to work its magic even more efficiently.

Our richest facial moisturizers

If your complexion’s feeling parched, have no fear. Look to Skin Drink: this rich formula is full of reparative sesame oil, cooling fresh avocado and calming rose absolute for restoring moisture to very dry or sensitive skin. For an even richer moisturizer, check out Skin's Shangri La. It’s made with a nourishing blend of evening primrose, coconut and sweet almond oils that leave skin dewy. This thick cream also uses lanolin and beeswax to create a conditioning layer that locks moisture onto skin.

Hydrate that body

Our body lotions are packed with moisturizing ingredients that soften and hydrate dry bits, whether they happen on legs, elbows or anywhere in between. Each one is made with a unique blend of skin-soothing butters and oils for a different feel, but each will give skin the moisture it needs, leaving it soft and silky.

Harmony using Charity Pot Body Lotion

Harmony using Charity Pot Body Lotion

Dream Cream, one of our best-selling products of all time, boasts a decadent blend of fair trade organic cocoa butter, organic olive oil and glycerin mixed with soothing oat milk and lavender oil. It calms, cools and moisturizes in one swoop and is particularly popular among customers with sensitive skin.

Since showering in hot water can contribute to your skin’s dryness, why not combat it right at the source? Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is made with a hydrating blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and luxurious oils that give skin a dose of rich moisture in the shower. Or, to tackle dry, flaky skin, pick up a Scrubee Body Butter. It's made with heaps of moisturizing cocoa and shea butters, as well as a blend of ground coconut and almond shells to slough away dry bits.

Hands and feet

Our hands and feet are the hardest working parts of our bodies and often end up feeling dry as a result. Hands get washed repeatedly in hot water and are exposed to the elements, and our feet carry us around from morning ‘til night every day, building up dry skin and calluses. Luckily, we’ve formulated hand and foot care products that work just as hard as your extremities! For hands, Lemony Flutter is a citrusy miracle worker. Shea butter, avocado oil and fresh organic lemon infusion butter up dry bits and leave skin feeling richly nourished and smelling delightfully lemony. Or, for specific areas, there's the hardworking Elbow Grease, a rich cupuaƧu, murumuru and illipe butter blend that delivers massive moisture to dry, tight or flaky areas that need serious relief.

Feet need a little TLC? Pink Peppermint is a cooling, smoothing lotion that’ll banish your dry skin woes. With the perfect combination of cocoa butter and glycerin, this one will get toes moisturized and keep them that way. Softy Foot Cream is another hydrating treat for the feet with cocoa butter, almond oil and glycerin working together to keep tootsies in tip-top shape.

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