Christmas Scent Families

We get it. You found your signature Lush scent, and you suddenly need to have it in your shower gel, your bath bomb, your face mask, your bubble bar, your body lotion.

We understand. That's why we've made it so much easier to find your fave smell in all your fave products. We have two iconic scent families, for when you just can’t get enough.

Scrub, smooth and shine with Snow Fairy

Honestly, it’s easily our most well-known seasonal scent. And this year, we’ve added a few new innovations to add to your Snow Fairy collection. So, get ready to sparkle with Snow Fairy Amazeball Bath Bomb, filled with sea salt and bubble mix. This truly amazing fizzer packs an extra magical punch. More of shower person? Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Snow Fairy Body Conditioner are back. Plus they're joined by their new packaging-free friends, Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner and Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel. And if you’re looking to add more sparkle to your Christmas nights out, look no further than Let It Glow Shimmer Bar. Shop the whole collection here.

The waste-free bubblegum bliss of Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel.

A person lathers up their bare chest with Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel

Bathe, lather and slather yourself in Yog Nog

More of a Yog Nog person? Well we’ve created a whole new scent family for that. With our Yog Nog Bath Bomb and Yog Nog Bubble Bar making a return to our shelves. But, we’ve also added some new products for those of you who just can’t get enough. Take your shower to the next level with Yog Nog Body Conditioner, Yog Nog Naked Body Conditioner, Yog Nog Shower Gel and Yog Nog Naked Shower Gel.

Check out the full limited edition Christmas collection at your local Lush shop or give us a call for more recommendations for any of this year’s scrumptious scents.