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Holiday Window Artist Takeover

For the holidays, we hired artists to paint their vision of Lush as an oasis of kindness on our shop windows. Read on to see the results.

For days when ‘the world is too much with us’, there’s Lush.

This was the central quote, adapted from the 1807 William Wordsworth poem The World is Too Much with Us, that served as the foundation of this year’s holiday window campaign. Our goal was to turn Lush stores into oases of kindness with warm, inviting designs. But we didn’t want just one vision, one perspective or one interpretation.

That’s why we partnered with, a nonprofit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times. Amplifier then commissioned talented artists to bring these windows to life. In total, this project involved 10 amazing artists across nine different retail locations from British Columbia to Louisiana.

Robson St.—Vancouver, BC with Catie St. Jacques

Catie St. Jacques’ world of kaleidoscopic kindness on Robson St.

A window design featuring swirling psychedelic flowers, butterflies and rainbows, along with the adapted Wordsworth quote.

Catie St. Jacques is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based out of Vancouver, BC. She said part of the reason she was interested in this project was because she always finds she’s greeted by the kindest people and atmosphere whenever she enters a Lush store:

“It’s colorful, smells great and truly feels like a place of salvation. This design is a reminder that the world around us can be fun and playful. Beauty, love, joy and peace are all around us. The bold and groovy design uses connected flowing colors to represent the feeling of using Lush products (like washing your hair or body, using a bath bomb, etc.) and seeing the colors swirling in the bathtub. I’ve got snails in there as reminders to ‘go slow,’ the butterflies to ‘go with the flow,’ and the flowers to ‘bloom where you are planted.’”

Irvine Spectrum—Irvine, CA with Audrey Herbertson

Audrey Herbertson’s moment of meditative calm at Irvine Spectrum.

A window design featuring a person with flowing blonde hair surrounded by flowers, stars, rainbows, the sun, moon and the adapted Wordsworth quote.

Audrey Herbertson is a self-taught artist who, at the age of 24, has created official merchandise for acts like Katy Perry, John Lennon and KISS, as well as MTV and CMT. She considers digital art to be her primary form of expression. Her window focuses on giving herself the space and care to tackle difficult emotions and situations:

“This design is inspired by how it feels when I’m able to check in with myself during an anxious day and breathe through any rough thoughts or feelings. I hope it inspires others to be kind to themselves.”

Lexington Ave.—Manhattan, NY with Casielle Santos-Gaerlan

Casielle Santos-Gaerlan’s tranquility in the heart of the city at Lexington Ave.

A window design featuring a person sitting in the palm of a hand, another person holding their hands to their temples and two people walking with long coats on, all with the adapted Wordsworth quote overhead.

Casielle Santos-Gaerlan is a contemporary painter and digital illustrator who studied at Parsons the New School for Design. Her work is often inspired by her native Brooklyn and she aims to give a voice to marginalized communities and women’s empowerment. For her design, she focused on the “oasis” aspect, imagining how Lush could feel like a moment of calm in a busy New York neighborhood.

“This illustration aimed to channel moments of calm in chaos. New York can be chaotic at times and we do not have to go to a faraway distant land to find peace. I wanted to celebrate womanhood, with bold portraits and bright colors to represent inner healing and self-care. The world can be very heavy right now, and with a little mindfulness, we can escape the chaos from within.”

The Domain—Austin, TX with Jack and Bec

Jack and Bec’s vision of peace, love and empowerment.

An image of three people reclining on clouds, surrounded by 60s-inspired flowers and the adapted Wordsworth quote.

Jack and Bec is a female-founded and family-operated art and apparel company in Austin, TX (and the names of the design duo themselves). Their work focuses on body positivity, representation of marginalized or disabled bodies, social justice and mental health awareness—all with colorful designs inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s. Their take on the window is all about good, peaceful vibes:

“With Lush, I can close my eyes and be transported to a place with fields of lavender, double rainbows, and sunset breeze.”

Boulder, CO with Jess Vossetieg

Jess Vossetieg’s image of inclusivity and community in Boulder, CO.

An image featuring four people standing together with hearts, flowers and the adapted Wordsworth quote surrounding them.

Jess Vossetieg is a Colorado-based illustrator making queer, feminist and inclusive illustrations. Her work focuses on inclusivity, empowerment, and creating conversations surrounding feminism and the queer community. She loves to highlight and empower all genders and promote body positivity and neutrality while breaking gender stereotypes. Her window design is all about helping people find the light through community:

“Today’s world can often feel very dark and heavy, so I made this piece to encourage everyone to find light and hope by leaning on one another and finding joy in community.”

Michigan Ave.—Chicago, IL with Katie Chung

Katie Chung’s bubbly, cozy and lush-ious winter wonderland on Michigan Ave.

An image featuring hands holding a box with bubbles coming out, a roaring fireplace, a bath and a bunny with the adapted Wordsworth quote.

Katie Chung is a Korean-American visual artist based in Chicago who works in mediums that include drawing, print and sculpture. Her art focuses on a blend of her heritage, personal identity, and her relationship to immigration and labor. After graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014 with a BFA, she’s earned a number of accolades including being the 2020 Facebook Inc. Artist in Residence. Her window design focuses on togetherness, self-care and moments of calm:

”We celebrate the holiday season with loved ones, but how can we set aside time for rest and self-care? This art piece is a reminder of ways we can enjoy meditative moments with yourself and others during this special time of year.”

Broadway Plaza—Walnut Creek, CA with Bunnie Reiss

Bunnie Reiss’s hamsa of peace and protection in Broadway Plaza.

A hamsa (a traditional symbol of protection against evil) floating above mountains and oceans with a rainbow and the adapted Wordsworth quote.

Bunnie Reiss is a Chicago-born artist. She worked for NPR and a few other publications while painting on the side before eventually making art her full-time focus. She’s shown her work everywhere from galleries to abandoned buildings, fields and forests. For her, the window project involved using the Hamsa as an image of good, protection and safety in troubled times:

“The symbol of the Hamsa is considered to be an image that unites the good, and helps to protect and keep safe. We are all responsible for this world, and my hope is that this imagery inspires all of us to take the extra small steps in our own individual lives to stay aware of our footprint and try to love this planet just a bit more.”

Magazine St.—New Orleans, LA with Thomas Wimberly

Thomas Wimberly’s brightness in the dark on Magazine St.

An image featuring two hands holding up a circular object with the adapted Wordsworth quote surrounding them.

Thomas Wimberly III is an artist and designer based out of southern Louisiana. He earned a BFA in graphic design from LSU and works as an art director and designer—both freelance and with agencies. His goal was simple but meaningful: just make people’s days a little bit brighter:

“I’m very fortunate and excited to be able to work on this piece through Amplifier for Lush and their New Orleans store. Lush’s message this holiday season is one that I feel most of us can agree on when it comes to how heavy the world is around us, and I hope this image will help brighten someone’s day and cut through the static.”

Reno, NV with Hannah Eddy

Hannah Eddy’s graphic serenity in Reno, NV.

An image featuring a personified mountain and tree, as well as a snail, holding up flowers with the adapted  Wordsworth quote above them.

Hannah Eddy is an artist and muralist based in Reno, NV known for a colorful, graphic style that encourages an appreciation for nature, connection and community. Her design capitalizes on all of her favorite things:

“This design celebrates the connection we all have to nature and each other. My favorite part about living in Reno is being nestled so close to the Sierra Nevada mountains. I find so much inspiration when I am out in the mountains, it helps remind me what's important. In this painting, the mountain and the tree are happy and connected and every other aspect of nature is working together to build a balanced world, just how it could be if we had a bit more care and empathy.”

What’s next?

This is just the first of many collaborations with Amplifier in which we’ll work to promote wellbeing and real social impact together. Our shared values include Amplifier’s mission to distribute free art to millions of students across the United States, and Lush’s long history of advocacy and activism—from raising awareness about endangered species to encouraging customers to log off of social media to protect their mental health.

Holiday Window Artist Takeover