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Virtual Consultations from Home

In-store assistance over the phone

As we all practice social distancing in our stores, we can’t help but feel that Lush has been missing its personal touch. Brightening someone’s day, helping them make their first Lush purchase (or even their 100th ) is always something Lush store staff love doing.

And our stores are working to get back up and running—with some still shut for now, others offering contactless pickup of online orders and a few allowing limited in-store shopping. Needless to say, however, the classic hands-on Lush experience has been put on pause for everyone’s health and well-being.

That’s why we set up virtual consultations to bring that joy back into both your lives and ours.

Why I work for Lush

Here, Clarisa Legaspi, Manager of Fashion Valley, talks to us about their experience with our new virtual consultations.

Last December marked my very first Christmas as a Shop Manager, but my seventh holiday season with Lush Cosmetics overall. My career has been continuously fruitful since being hired on as a Seasonal Sales Ambassador in 2013 because I am presented with different challenges and opportunities to grow each day. As a company, Lush consistently cultivates a work environment that is dedicated to training and development, recognizing talent and celebrating successes all while staying true to its brand values and strong ethics.

I also have the pleasure of working with the most amazing team who constantly inspire me to be the best version of myself. These are just a few of the reasons why I love working at Lush. It is one of the most rewarding, validating, enjoyable jobs I have ever had—especially knowing that I play a significant part in creating a cosmetics revolution to save the planet.

Clarisa, Manager of Fashion Valley.

Portrait of Clarisa, the Manager of our Fashion Valley store.

Why I’ve been missing the full in-store experience

Lush also happens to have some of the best customers around. Being surrounded by genuinely kind and good-natured people, seeing my staff build genuine relationships, creating memorable experiences and knowing we have the power to make someone’s day in a special Lush way, is what I love most about being in my shop.

It’s safe to say that our customers have been missing the usual in-store experience too. Whether a customer is seeking a consultation, product demonstration, relaxing arm massage, complimentary sample or even just a thoughtful conversation, all these elements provide a distinct, exciting retail experience, which sets us apart. I think customers also enjoy shopping in an upbeat, lighthearted environment that is safe, inclusive and free of judgment with staff who are passionate, bubbly and always happy to help.

How Lush consultations brings back the good feels

So when Lush made the difficult decision to temporarily close or reduce traffic in all our shops across North America in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic, figuring out how to meet our customers’ needs and how to stay connected with them was a top priority. Hence, the launch of virtual consultations.

This new online service provides customers with the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a Shop Manager who will personally offer their expertise and tailored product recommendations—while allowing customers to stay in the safety and comfort of their homes.

It’s so easy to book a 30-minute appointment on the website and customers can choose the day and time which is most convenient for them. The Manager facilitating the consultation also has the ability to send their customer a personalized email after each appointment, which recaps the interaction and lists product recommendations. This way, customers can simply sit back and relax without having to jot anything down or worry about forgetting a step in their new routine.

During these times, two weeks easily feels like two months, Tuesday and Friday are difficult to tell apart and much of my time has been spent figuring out how to adjust to the quarantine lifestyle. Being asked to join the virtual consultation team was a perfectly-timed silver lining. Undergoing the training kindled a fresh, renewed sense of purpose and it was exciting learning how Lush was adapting and evolving the business.

And it’s been a delight interacting with customers from all over the United States including Alaska, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Utah. It’s so cool that the platform allows me to reach Lushies in different time zones and regions. There really has been an underlying sense of community and solidarity knowing we are sharing a similar experience even though we are far apart.

It’s always so interesting when customers tell me about their preferences and needs based on where they live. Through these interactions, I am finding that staying at home has inevitably impacted customers’ personal care routines—some in simple ways, while others want to undergo a complete overhaul.

Skincare and haircare are the two most popular ranges I help customers with. Fluctuating stress levels, changes in diet, more time spent with kids or choosing to take on new hobbies and activities at home are the most common reasons to need new routines.

Focusing on self-care and relaxation is also a major theme and motivation behind needing help finding the right Lush products to feel perfectly pampered at home. Undoubtedly, there is nothing like treating yourself to a fresh Lush haul to banish the quarantine blues.

We love feedback

Overall, customer feedback has been extremely positive. Customers have expressed excitement at being able to connect with a real Lush expert and reconnect with us in general. They are so appreciative to be heard and given product recommendations and advice through a genuine conversation. I have also been asked a few times if virtual consultations will continue even though our shops are starting to reopen because the service is so convenient and helpful—especially for those who do not live near a Lush shop.

My favorite part of the virtual consultations is receiving thoughtful words of affirmation and well wishes from customers. So many have told me they can’t wait to come back to our stores again because they miss interacting with friendly Lush employees, picking out their own products fresh off the shelf and of course, experiencing our stellar customer service. These sentiments are truly heartwarming and inspire me to keep my chin up.

As soon as our shop is fully back up and running, the first thing I am going to do (after telling my team how much I’ve missed them and how happy I am to be reunited with them) is rearrange and redecorate my work desk as a way of turning a new leaf. To me, a renewed workspace will symbolize a renewed perspective on running the business and leading my team through a fresh chapter of our Lush journeys.

In the meantime, I will happily continue to be here for customers needing phone consultations so you can discover the perfect Lush products to indulge in. Hope to chat with you soon!

Ready to book your own virtual consultation? Get started or contact our Customer Care team for more information.