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Banner - The D.I.Y. "Best Father's Day Ever"

The D.I.Y. "Best Father's Day Ever"

No shame in the self-care game

Alfred Gordon Liu, father figure and #1 international bestselling author of Humbled Dad, Invested Dad talks about his parenting journey in 2021 and how taking care of himself helped him teach his daughters to do the same.

Father's Day is just around the corner, with this in mind, I have to ask, how do you plan for Father's Day? If you're like most dads, the answer is probably I don't know or I don't and leave it for my family to do.

Our families might struggle on what to get or what to do for us on this special day. That’s why we can expect to have another coffee mug that says, World's Best Dad or another tie just to hang in the closet or get the same gift experience to our favorite sports team or restaurant. If you want to feel special on Father's Day, then it's important that you help plan and create your own day.

As a father, I want my daughters to grow up as emotionally mature adults with the self-awareness of and confidence in their abilities. I teach them how to take care of themselves and then give them the space to make their own breakfast, flipping their own pancakes; and fix and try different bikes, scooters and skateboards, which means they’ve spilt milk, misplaced tools, and gotten scrapes on their knees more often.

When something breaks or when there's a problem, my kids come up to me. They know that I will fix it, save them from the bugs, and I'm ready to give a warm hug. They don't get away with not cleaning up their mess or not understanding a lesson, nor do I get away from explaining the lesson once at a kindergarten level and again at the preschooler's level.

We all want to care for our kids and sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. If you look at how well you take care of your kid and compare that to how much you take care of yourself, then it might not seem like we're practicing what we preach.

”I want my daughters to grow up as emotionally mature adults with the self-awareness of and confidence in their abilities.”

Alfred carries his two daughters on his shoulders as he plays with them in a park.

In Jan 2021, I got a coach who helped me focus on moving my body again after a debilitating accident. A friend would hold me accountable for eating more raw vegetables and nutritious food, and I surrounded myself with communities that encouraged me to be the great father figure they all saw.

Dads need to teach their children how to take care of themselves. When you take care of yourself, it can feel really good. And four months ago, my girls started to join me in eating and exploring healthier food choices. They also started working out with me in the morning and cheering for me as my biggest fans. They would literally be my fans because they didn't want me to sweat on their playmats in our living room.

My Zoom workout community enjoys seeing the girls exercising with me. They support me by giving me water and towel me off while I'm working out. Then, they clean the area and bring in things that make it smell better, like bath bombs, natural cleaning sprays, and deodorant powder. I'm pretty sure they learned how to do this from their mom, who would bring me these citrusy items to smell, trying so hard to be nice and leave them behind without being too obvious.

I'm a huge fan and love everything lemon: the taste, the smell, and even how it makes me feel. But now, that scent is personally baked and mixed in with a sense of accomplishment, acts of love from my daughters, and sweet memories of exercising self-care together as a family.

Every time I smell Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree Body Spray, it's like a refreshing retreat from the stress of my day. A simple spritz is enough to help me get back on track with self-care and feel rejuvenated! After a week of hard workouts, I like to soak in the hot tub and get my head shaved. And I have curated my own grooming kit packed with citrus-scented shower gels and shaving creams that add to my rest and relaxation routine

Over time, these self-love habits have led to some big changes since last year's Father's Day. I've attended over 150 fitness sessions, hosted over 500 live streams for my church, coached 35 days' worth of investing workshops, and put it all in one book entitled Humbled Dad, Invested Dad.

My book is a guide for parents on raising emotionally healthy children who will live happy and prosperous lives. It includes over 60 family activities that you can do together as well as 10 critical relationships between parent and child. The three-step method I use in the book makes tackling any parental challenge easy!

Dads, I want you to remember to love yourselves. Make sure your celebration is something that will make you happy and show how much care you bring. You deserve to be celebrated! Create your best Happy Father's Day ever!

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