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The Benefits of Bubble Bars

There is nothing better than a bath. Well, we can think of one thing—a bubble bath!

And they don’t have to be some kind of luxury experience reserved for when you want to treat yourself. No, bubble baths are the perfect partner for every mood. Not only are they great for the mind, they also have a great impact on your body and are kind to the planet. So, run that tub, crumble that bubble bar and sink yourself in. We’re talking all about bubble bars.

Mind yourself

Just finished a great workout and feeling a little achy? Need to relax? Or maybe you’re looking for a boost of energy? No matter how you’re feeling, our bubble bars are ready and waiting.

If you need to unwind, clear your head and get a warm hug with the friendly, fruity aroma of blackcurrants care of The Comforter. Oh, and if you’re a big fan of those pink fluffy bubbles, we’ve created this giant version that is good for up to 20 baths! Can you believe?

Got a lot on your mind? Ease your worries and get back to blue sky thinking with Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds. Frankincense has a woody, grounding aroma that blends with earthy patchouli to relax, restore and balance your mind. Enter a serene world where it’s just you and your bathtub as the fizz of the bubbles clears your mind and grounds your spirit.

Unleash your inner kid and get playful with our bubble bars. Crayon Bubble Stick is a great way to get back to your colorful self, or to leave a fun message for your kids. Wet slightly and write a message on your tub, then fill it up with water, while leaving the bubble stick in the tub. When you’re ready, step in to the uplifting bergamot waters and continue drawing on the side of the tub.

Getting ready for a night out? Get energized and in the party mood with Party Popper. This dazzling bar has plastic-free star confetti and is filled with pink popping candy to surprise and excite. Turn on your fave tunes and get into the groove with this buchu, davana and petitgrain party.

Sit back and relax in the pink waters of The Comforter Bubble Bar.

Woman relaxing in the bath tub with The Comforter Bubble Bar.

Total body takeover

Not only are bubble bars great for every mood, they’ve also got some skincare benefits, too. Filled with ethically-sourced ingredients, our bubbles offer more than meets the eye.

Peach Crumble Bubbleroon releases bursts of juicy grapefruit, fresh peach and davana oil that gently cleanse and refresh. It also contains fair trade organic cocoa butter, leaving your skin peachy, silky and soft.

This sh*t is bananas! Or, rather, Nana. Slip into the waters of this creamy, nourishing bubble bar. Made with fresh bananas, cocoa butter and shea butter, you’ll leave feeling hydrated and smooth to the touch.

Feel like a siren? But not super into the scaled look? Then crumble Mermaid Tail under the tap and let the tail dive into the foamy depths and with the tail being a bath oil, you get double the bath experience. With organic cocoa butter, lemon myrtle, grapefruit and ylang ylang, you’ll emerge feeling energized and moisturized.

Ethical and waste-free

We’re proud to be the most ethical store on your block. But how exactly did we get there? By always using ethically-sourced ingredients that give back to the community they came from. And by creating naked, packaging-free products that leave no waste and have less of an impact on the environment.

Some of our cocoa butter is sourced from Eastern Congo where the growth of cocoa is described as nearly conflict-proof because the cocoa doesn’t become valuable until after fermentation. You can read more about our supplier here and feel the benefits of cocoa butter in our products like A French Kiss.

We also work with Ojoba Women’s Shea Cooperative in Bolgatanga, Ghana. This 400-member cooperative provides women with a reliable source of income all year round. Which means they can stay in their community throughout the season, rather than leaving their families behind to seek work. They also give us shea butter to make your skin smooth. You can feel the amazing things shea butter can do for your skin with Golden Pear Bubbleroon.

We are proud to be naked and we encourage you to get naked. By reducing our amount of packaged products (and using recycled plastic in our packaged products), we can lessen our impact on the environment and create a future for our friends and families.


So…feeling in the mood? Check out our Bubble Bars online, or contact Customer Care and get ready to have your mood instantly lifted.