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The Benefits of Bubble Bars

To your mind, your body and the earth

There’s nothing better than a bath—unless it’s a bubble bath!

And they don’t have to be some kind of luxury experience reserved for when you want to treat yourself. No, bubble baths are the perfect partner for every mood. Not only are they great for the mind, but they also have a great impact on your body. So, run that bath, crumble that bubble bar, and go on a deep dive of our most luxurious bubblers.

Your nose knows

Bubbles are great…like, really, really great…but what makes a Lush bubble bath so scent-sational are the essential oils we use in each one to give it an unmistakable smell. For example, Sleepy Bubble Bar is packed full of lavender oil, an ingredient known for its natural ability to soothe bodies and minds to make this one a sweet nighttime treat. For something a little more heady, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds packs a grounding punch with woody frankincense and earthy patchouli to relax, restore and balance your mind.

If you’re looking for something more uplifting, look for bubble bars with big, bold citrus or sweet notes thanks to lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, lime, or orange oils. Mermaid Tail, Rainbow and Brightside are super-citrus bubblers that’ll bring sunny vibes to the darkest days. For a sweet treat, there’s the vanilla-almond oil blend in Creamy Candy or The Comforter sweet and fruity cassis scent that’s been a customer fave for ages.

Sit back and relax in the pink waters of The Comforter Bubble Bar.

Woman relaxing in the bath tub with The Comforter Bubble Bar.

Bathtime, but make it skincare

Not only are bubble bars great for every mood, but they’ve also got skincare benefits, too. Naked as the day we created them, each one contains corn starch to keep your water and skin super soft. But our bubbleroons pack an even bigger skin-softening punch.

Every bubbleroon we make is really two halves held together by a creamy fair trade organic cocoa butter center. So, when you crumble a bubbleroon like Peach Crumble or Lemon Crumble under running water, they release bursts of juicy citrus to gently cleanse and refresh, while the soft centers keep your water and skin mega hydrated.

There’s also Apple Crumble and Rose Jam Bubbleroons which also feature a super creamy center, so you’ve got four great options to help soothe dry, itchy or sensitive skin.

Ethical and waste-free

We’re proud to be the most ethical store on your block. But how exactly did we get there? By always using ethically sourced ingredients that give back to the community they came from and by creating naked, packaging-free products that leave no waste and have less of an impact on the environment.

Lots of the cocoa butter you’ll find in our products is fair trade, organic and sourced from Democratic Republic of Congo where the growth of cocoa is described as nearly conflict-proof because the cocoa doesn’t become valuable until after fermentation. Read more about how our supplier is growing peace through cocoa.

We also work with Ojoba Women’s Shea Cooperative in Bolgatanga, Ghana, a 400-member cooperative that provides women with a reliable source of income. It allows them to remain in their communities throughout the entire season, rather than leaving their families behind to look for work. It’s where so much of the skin-soothing shea butter you’ll find in our products comes from too.

We’re proud to be naked and encourage you to get naked too. By reducing the number of packaged products (and using recycled plastic in the ones that do have packaging), we can lessen our impact on the environment and create a future for our friends and families.

So…feeling in the mood? Find your local store or check out the rest of our bubble bars online. Our customer care team can also help you find what you need or talk you through how to use our bubble bars to create massive, scent-sational bubbles.