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We Believe in Super-Powered Ingredients

Care for your body and mind with the power of fresh fruits and vegetables, butters, minerals and essential oils.

We believe in making effective products from fresh, organic* fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.

*We also believe words like fresh and organic have honest meanings beyond marketing.

Why do ingredients matter?

Ingredients are EVERYTHING! We’re lucky to inhabit a truly amazing planet with a vast diversity of seeds, vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and more. These natural elements provide us with a world of opportunities to explore and discover the “super-powered” aspect of each ingredient, along with how it impacts our general wellbeing.

Each ingredient we use plays a specific and highly important role in every product we create. That’s why finding the best, freshest and highest-quality ingredients is so crucial for our business.

The source of super-powered ingredients

It’s not only the ingredient or formula, but also the source that matters. Ethical buying plays one of the biggest roles at Lush. For the past 20+ years, we’ve been dedicating a whole team of experts to research, find and make meaningful connections around the ingredients we buy and the people who grow and harvest them worldwide. By finding the ethically-sourced and cruelty-free ingredients from regenerative projects around the world, we make sure that transparency in our supply chain stays at the highest level.

It’s not only where they come from and how they’re made, but most importantly how they impact the communities that produce them—and that is where the meaningful connections and partnerships come in.

Check out this article to learn more about the fantastic story behind some of the ingredients we use the most and the great job our Ethical Buying team does to ensure we keep those standards.

Discover the super-powered benefits of magnesium. Our newest collection offers relaxation, hydration and comfort.

A studio-based product shot with a backdrop of blues featuring the five new products for our magnesium range, two Epsom salt cubes and three massage bars.

The formula to a super-powered product

When it’s time to develop new products, our inventors don’t only look to ingredient lists or recipes for inspiration—they aim for unconventional, luxurious cosmetics that blend science and art for an entirely new sensory experience.

Our products are expertly formulated to amplify the super-powered abilities of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, butters and essential oils. It’s a non-stop dedication to research and innovation that makes our formulas more efficient. We seize the very best of each ingredient. The result? The creation of self-preserving, naked and vegan products that support and protect your microbiome (the fantastic ecosystem found on every inch of our skin).

One of the latest innovations is the use of magnesium as a super-powered ingredient in some of our products like our brand new Epsom salt subes: Deep Sleep and Salt Water Soother, plus the newest addition to our massage bar range: Before, After and Deep Sleep. Magnesium is a multitasking element and the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. It supports over 300 different functions, from regulating blood sugar to helping nerve functions. Check out this article to learn more about why and how we’re using this ingredient and explore our newest magnesium range.

Want to find the right super-powered ingredient for you? Stop by any of our stores to chat with a member of our team and they’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

Super-Powered Ingredients