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Banner - Eight Great Gifts for Eight Great Nights

Eight Great Gifts for Eight Great Nights

Bathe in the glow

Looking for the perfect Hanukkah gift for the Lush lover on your list? Our favorite wintry treats will make your festival of lights extra bright.

Every Hanukkah tradition is unique, and every family has their own way of celebrating. We’ve paired some of our vegan, packaging-free holiday products with a Hanukkah theme for added inspiration while keeping your festivities animal-friendly and low waste.

Pick one for each night, or bundle up a few together in a waste-free knot-wrap made from recycled plastic bottles or organic cotton to skip the bag, tissue or wrapping paper.

Night one: pair with pajamas

You don’t have to wait until sundown to dust yourself all over with Fairy Dust but it goes great with a new soft set of PJs. This softening powder is loaded with our bestselling bubblegum fragrance to help you enjoy sweetly-scented slumbers.

Night two: a special gift

Golden Wonder is a perennial bestseller. This luster-dusted gift comes with a secret blue center that creates whirling turquoise water and has just a splash of wine lees oil for your favorite party-loving friend.

Night three: get cozy

For those looking to stay in from the cold, enjoy a lovely warm shower with our limited-edition body cleanser, Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire Shower Gel. This warm, comforting sudser is packed full of calming oat milk (made with organic Canadian oats), soothing cedarwood oil and nourishing chestnut purée.

Get comfy and cozy with Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire.

Night four: stars galore

Shoot For The Stars is a swirling blue and gold fizzer filled with fragrant orange and bergamot oils. It’s perfect for sun lovers seeking a zingy mood boost when the days turn darker.

Night five: happily ever after

This year, our limited edition apple-scented Once Upon A Time comes in a packaging-free version as well as a portable body spray. Its fairytale-inspired fragrance pairs well with a new book or your favorite bedtime story.

Night six: something to sing about

Looking for a really sweet gift? Grab Candy Cane, our newest lip scrub with cooling peppermint oil, exfoliating castor sugar and softening jojoba oil. Now your pout is prepped for your singing debut.

Night seven: give back

Our bestselling body lotion, Charity Pot, is more than just a name. 100 percent of the purchase price of every single one (minus taxes) is given to a grassroots organization that advocates for the environment, animals and people in need. And be sure to get your hands on one of the new Charity Pot Naked Body Lotion coins—perfect for a game of dreidel!

Night eight: their favorite things

And if you really can’t choose, let them pick their own favorite product with a gift card. Our physical gift cards are made from 80 percent post-consumer paper, making them 100 percent biodegradable. Really want to leave no trace? We have e-gift cards available, too.

Looking for more tips and tricks on finding the perfect gift? Book a virtual consultation with a friendly member of Lush store staff.