This is Halloween 2019

Brew bewitching baths

Our Halloween collection has a real cult following.


From sparkling pumpkins that transform your bathwater into a mound of fragrant bubbles, to glowing spectral soaps and an ever-popular fizzing Lord, our Halloween range for 2019 brings bathing magic to your bathroom and beyond.

Bath bombs

Two new fizzing friends have been added to this year’s bath bomb collection: the hard-rocking spice of Punkin Pumpkin and the lemony zodiac zing of Mercury Retrograde. Meanwhile, returning favorites include the lime-neroli bash of Monsters' Ball and the ever-popular patchouli and black pepper crackle of Lord Of Misrule.

Get eerily clean with our collection of creepy creatures.

A Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb, Ghost In The Dark Soap and Glow Worm Fun nestled in a spooky, mossy tree.

Bubble bars

Bright and sparkly, or dark and spooky? Your choice awaits with our two bubble bars: Sparkly Pumpkin fills its skin-softening waters with a beautiful dusting of plastic-free luster, along with a sweet and citrusy combination of juniper berry and grapefruit oils. Or there’s Bewitched, our bubbly black cat with big yellow eyes and a sweet blackberry fragrance.

Soaps, slimes, scrubs and fun

Finally, get creepily clean this season with our collection of spooky sudsers. From Ghost In The Dark, a luminescent lemongrass soap bar, to Boo!—a pot of pitch-black, bubblegum-scented slime to help you wash, shimmer and shine. Rounding out our list of cleansers is our Glow Worm Fun, a moldable bubble bath, soap and shampoo in one. And, when you want to get party-ready, prep your lips with our anything-but-basic Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub, complete with stimulating ginger and clove to keep pouts extra plump.