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Lush’s 2019 Discontinued Products

A new year is on its way, which means it’s time to welcome the new and bid farewell to the old. The time has come for our products to lip sync for their lives. Sadly, some products didn’t make the cut and will have to sashay away. If you see an old favorite of yours, grab it while stock lasts or check our nearest store, because these babies are gone in the new year. So, without further adieu, we send our best wishes to:

Discontinued jelly face masks

We love a good face mask, and we loved creating these unique cruelty-free jigglers for you. But sadly it’s time to say goodbye to 1,000 Millihelens, the antioxidant-rich mask that brightens and soothes; as well as the mineral-rich, soothing and intensely softening The Birth Of Venus.

We’ll all have FOMO once the calming FOMO leaves us; along with the gentle and perfect-for-sensitive-skin Bunny Moon; and, just to clarify, Just To Clarify Jelly Face Mask, the bouncy brightener, is also bidding us farewell.

Discontinued bath bombs, shower bombs and bubble bars

Bath bombs are always a staple for any devoted Lush fan. But with our inventors creating new and exciting innovations every day, we have to make some room and say goodbye to some fan faves.

Lushies are able to calm their bodies and minds one last time when they slip into a tub full of Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds before it drifts up into the heavens. Add some magic to your bath time with Magic. And, to experience more magic, drop in a fizzing fairytale of Fairy Jasmine with recharging jasmine, vetivert and ylang ylang. Want to dance with more fairies? Reach for Fairy Trumpets, filled with popping candy, rosewood and chamomile.

The mischievous Kappa is ready to crack open its shell and unleash oakmoss and lemon oil for fans who look for comfort and clarity. When you have a day where you need to clear your head, reach for Ne Worry Pas full of jasmine, bergamot and cedarwood. When a single cup of tea just won’t cut it, brew up a tub of Tea And Sympathy full of invigorating scents and skin-soothing blends.

When you need a pick me up and want a little sparkle to your skin, Bom Perignon is the perfect uplifting, champagne-scented fizz you need for a good time. Tender Is The Night is flirty and relaxing, a mix of vanilla and ylang ylang, leaving fans feeling soft, smooth and sensual. For a fruiter sensation in your tub, Golden Pear is softening and filled with plastic-free glittery luster—sure to make you feel sparkling and festive. Another favorite scent can be found in Yog Nog which is flying off shelves already so snap one up to avoid getting left out. And you can up your karma with Karma Yantra full of earthy patchouli and woody pine.

Spread your wings and fly into the delicate waters of Shijimi Butterfly with swirling chamomile and calming lavender. It’s also important to choose your fighter properly. So, with great consideration, we recommend Yokozuna to calm worries and relax your mind. When you’re feeling blue, make a splash with Splash, the perfect way to calm and refresh. If you’re ready to bounce back and get revitalized and rebalanced, reach for Peng with its smoky but citrusy blend of sweet, lemony litsea cubeba, rosewood and sandalwood.

It’s off to the tub you go with Hi Ho Silver Bath Bomb, the almond oil, cocoa butter and shea butter hydrator. With an invigorating blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, sage and thyme, Figaro Figaro will have you singing its high praises. Fall under the spell of Star Spell one last time as its two halves create a nebula glow of orange and yellow.

Go into ultimate stealth mode with Ginger Ninja as it wizzes around your tub leaving a trail of plastic-free luster and warming ginger aroma. Soft scents fill the room as Tadaima Okaeri fizzes gently in the tub. And Turtle Immersion is the softening, cypress-sandalwood marine buddy you’ve come to love.

The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb is the perfect way to get ready for bed—full of calming essential oils so you can stop tossing and turning. Sadly, we can’t all live in a yellow submarine for much longer, so grab a Yellow Submarine for one last adventure. Feeling a little hungry? Reach for our fizzing roll of Sushi. Want to experiment one last time? The Experimenter is a vibrant creation that creates swirling colors and comforting vibe. Finally, also joining our discontinued list is the balancing Koyaanisqatsi Shower Bomb and the beloved Karma Bubble Bar.

Discontinued perfumes, solid perfumes, perfume oils and wash cards

Stock up on your signature scent before it’s too late.

All good things come to those who shop. We’re talking All Good Things Perfume in 30ml, 100ml, solid and wash card form. Rich, sensual and smoky, it’s guaranteed to leave you in total bliss. More of a sweet scent lover? Amelie Mae takes you on a stroll through a perfume garden in 30ml, 100ml, solid and wash card options. Or perhaps you’re looking for something that perks you up a bit? Then reach for Cardamom Coffee in a 30ml, solid or wash card. But have no fear, Cardamom Coffee 100ml is still with us.

Inhale Perfume Oil or Exhale Perfume Oil? Why not both? Or if you’re feeling more like you need some divine energy, reach for Goddess Perfume Oil and anoint yourself. I’m Home solid, wash card, 30ml and 100ml is also being discontinued, so stock up. Imogen Rose 30ml is ready for one last romantic gesture, so spritz away. Sadly, even The President’s Hat 30ml will not be joining us next year, so grab it while stock lasts. But thankfully, you can grab one last spritz of Stayin’ Alive 30ml before stocks run out.

Discontinued shampoo, mouthwash tabs and hand cream

Love a bit of bounce in your step? Bounce that hair one last time with Jersey Bounce in 270g and 570g. Brighten and soften skin with some Love And Light Hand Cream which uses softening neroli and fair trade organic cocoa butter. Scrub up real good with our Godiva Shampoo Bar before it runs out of stock. And finally, Ugai Mouthwash Tabs will be kissed goodbye with a refreshing oasis of cooling green tea, sea salt and tea tree.

Discontinued bath oils

Soften skin and soak it all in, Happy Thoughts may be leaving us, but it’s here to leave you with some happy thoughts of your own. Delight one last time in the waters of Delight Bath Oil. Or soak up and inhale the spicy scent of Ginger. When you just want to disappear in the tub, reach for Cloak Of Invisibility. To calm and relax your mind, drop in Oil On Troubled Water. And finally, before its discontinued, give them the ole Razzle Dazzle one last time.

Discontinued gifts

Want to pick up something for someone special? Now’s your last chance to pick up Ticket To Ride and Shower Me With Lush Gifts.

See your all-time favorite above? Stock up online or visit your local store before stocks start flying off the shelf.