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How to use the LOC method

A three-step game changer

The LOC method is a technique mainly used for curls, coils, and textured hair. It focuses on how to layer your haircare products to maximize moisture retention. LOC—or liquid/leave-in, oil and cream—is typically the order you'll follow to help keep your curls, coils or textured hair and scalp happy and healthy. Here's a quick and easy breakdown along with a few Lush products that are both vegan and specially formulated to work wonders in this popular routine.

L for liquid/leave-in
1 L for liquid/leave-in - The first step calls for a water-based product to help add moisture and open the hair shaft, so the oil in step two can be more easily absorbed. A great leave-in choice is Super Milk, a conditioning hair primer made with almond, coconut and oat milks to soften hair, fresh lemon juice to add shine, and olive oil to nourish and protect.
O for oil
2 O for oil - Step two is where you'll add mega moisture with an oil-based product. Renee's Shea Souffle Hair & Scalp Oil is an ultra-hydrating blend of castor, coconut and avocado oils that can be worked through from dry scalps and throughout your hair down to frayed ends, if needed.
C for cream
3 C for cream - This final step not only locks in the moisture, but it helps reinvigorate and define curls, so they're ready to be twisted, braided or styled however you like. Curl Power Hair Cream is a rich blend of cocoa butter, argan, coconut and jojoba oils, plus protein-packed soy lecithin and hydrolyzed wheat gluten for relaxed or stressed-out tresses.
Check out our haircare range for curls, coils and textured hair created by Lush Black Haircare Specialist, Sarah Sango.

Super Milk

Conditioning Hair Primer
Light leave-in for curls and coils

Renee´s Shea Souffle

Hair & Scalp Oil
Deep hydration for curls, coils and textured hair

Curl Power

Hair Cream
Hydrating definition for curls, coils and textured hair


Rich hydration for curls, coils and textured hair

Avocado Co-Wash

Cleanse and condition curls and coils
New SLS-free formula


Volumizing protein for curls, coils and textured hair