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Banner - Back to School Supplies: Skincare Edition

Back to School Supplies: Skincare Edition

Back to school shopping usually includes books, highlighters and new clothes, but what about back to school skincare?

Changes in routine (hello, full class schedule) and environment (from dorm rooms to dining halls) often throw our skin out of whack. These five skincare essentials make fab additions to your back to school routine and will have you looking and feeling your best all the way ‘til next semester.

Keep it clean

Late nights studying (or socializing) can mean you’re beat by the time you make it home. And tbh, the last thing you feel like doing sometimes is washing your face. Enter 9 To 5: this gentle cream cleanser doesn’t even need water to work its magic. Simply smooth over skin and wipe off with a cloth or cotton pad. A soothing blend of almond oil and dove orchid extract cleanses, removes makeup and leaves skin hydrated in one quick and easy step.

Go deep

Do double time: while you’re doing a deep dive into chemistry, medieval literature or microeconomics, let Cup O' Coffee Face And Body Mask deep cleanse your complexion. Simply smooth over skin and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. Hardworking kaolin clay draws out dirt and excess oil while organic agave syrup soothes and softens. When it’s time to rinse off, ground coffee buffs away dryness to leave skin bright and even. Bonus: coffee infusion and roasted cocoa extract smell like a freshly brewed pot of coffee, so it’ll keep you alert during a long study sesh too!

Stay in the clear

The start of the school year can be stressful. And with stress can come dreaded breakouts. Keep Grease Lightning Tea Tree And Aloe Gel on hand and apply over problem areas as they pop up. Use it anytime: while at class, overnight or even under makeup. A gentle herbal infusion of thyme, tea tree and rosemary plus calming aloe vera keeps skin clean and soothed while reducing redness.

Lip Service keeps lips in tip top shape

Someone applies Lip Service lip balm

Glow on the go

Long days in class, at club meetings and at work can leave your skin feeling a little lackluster. Pop a Tea Tree Water Toner in your bag and give yourself a light spritz to feel renewed throughout your day. Refreshing tea tree, grapefruit and juniperberry snap dull or tired skin into tip-top shape and keep it matte too. Plus, this alcohol-free formula won’t ever leave you feeling tight or dry.

Lip service

Stuffy, dry lecture halls or overly air-conditioned dorms can wreak havoc on your pout. Keep your lips in fine form with an exfoliating scrub and a mega hydrating balm. All our lip scrubs use coarse sugar and jojoba oil to smooth and soften lips, and come in delicious flavors like Honey, Mint and Bubblegum. Simply sweep some across the lips, rub to exfoliate then lick off the delicious sugar. Follow up with a hydrating balm like Lip Service, a rich beeswax balm with creamy fair trade shea butter and citrusy tangerine oil; or Rose Lollipop, a lemon-rose softener with silky cupuaçu butter and velvety extra virgin coconut oil.

Ready to rock your best back to school skincare routine yet? Head to your local Lush to get a free skincare consultation or give our customer care team a call to chat through your unique needs.