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How we're ensuring store safety

How we're ensuring store safety

Carefully, mindfully and with love

Safety measures

We know you love the in-store experience and our wonderful, energetic staff. That's why we're committed to ensuring that every store is opened and operated safely and on a case-by-case basis. 

1. If you're not feeling well, we ask that you stay at home for now. But we're happy to help with online ordering.

2. We are still honoring all required mask mandates for customers age two and older, where mandates exist. In states where masks are no longer mandated, masks will be optional for fully vaccinated customers. We will not be verifying vaccination status for customers. We are consistently reviewing these policies to follow recommendations from the CDC in order to keep our staff and communities safe. This includes monitoring recommendations regarding new and emerging variants.

Unfortunately, masks that don't meet the CDC's criteria cannot be accepted in our shops. If you need a mask, our staff will happily offer you one if you wish to shop in-store. If you're unable to wear a mask that meets the CDC guidelines, our staff can still help you safely at the front of the store.

3. There's a limit to the number of people we allow in the store at any one time, so it may take a little longer for us to assist you.

4. Please keep at least a bathtub's distance between yourself and other folks in the store. We've put some handy decals on the floor for reference.

5. Our stores are being regularly cleaned and sanitized for your protection (and ours).

6. We're excited to see you, but we promise not to hug and squeeze. We also won't be trying any products directly on your skin for right now.

7. We're lucky our shops are equipped with handwashing stations. Please wash your hands when you come in and before you go, as the CDC believes this is the most effective way to clean your hands. We always have plenty of warm water and soap available for handwashing or hand sanitizer, if you prefer.

8. All testers have been removed from the shop floor, but we can always make you a sample of anything you’d like to try.

9. Any questions on products, routines or how to safely shop in our stores, please ask: we're still here to help from a distance.

10.  Not comfortable shopping just yet? We get it. We offer contactless and in-store order pickup, as well as consultation calls with our store staff to chat through your skin, hair and bodycare needs.

11.We know these are stressful times and we're doing all we can to make everyone's time in our shops as safe and fun as possible. If we're all just a little more patient, kind and generous with each other, we can all enjoy the best Lush experience.


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