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Staff picks: Winter winners

Get soft with some of our faves


Erica is a longtime Lushie and our Brand and Product Expert. Which means that if you have a burning question about just about any Lush product, she's the best person to ask. From bath to shower and beyond, Erica knows her Lush and is always passionate about sharing her expertise.


Celestial Facial Moisturizer

"Celestial is for plump, soft cheeks and smooth, dewy foreheads. It’s simplistic and gentle with almond oil, almond milk and vanilla water. I once saw Celestial made at our factory. A massive bouquet of white dove orchids was delivered, looking elegant and pristine. They plucked off the heads one by one and blended them with vegetable glycerine, making this moon-colored smoothie to go into the cauldron. Magic!"

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Buffy Body Butter

"In the winter, my skin gets really dry with breakouts of little dry bumps on my arms and legs called keratosis pilaris. And yet, with too-hot showers, too-cold environments and wanting to immediately get dressed after a shower, I don’t use lotion as often as I should. Buffy is perfect for this. You can exfoliate and moisturize all while in the warmth of the shower. It banishes the bumps, and the protected feeling it leaves on the skin lasts until the next shower."

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Turmeric Latte

Bath Bomb

5 out of 5 Customer Rating

"Turmeric Latte slowly sets off latte foam-like puffs of soft coconut milk which makes the water sooo silky-milky"

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Ceridwen's Cauldron

Bath Oil

5 out of 5 Customer Rating

"I like to use the oat- and petal-filled gauze as a poultice on my skin, squishing the soothing milk and gently rubbing it in with the cloth."

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H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

"H'Suan always reminds me of a grown-up version of a recipe I made from teen magazines when I was younger. You get a little hint of the balsamic vinegar to add shine, but once it’s on the hair the bay leaf and cinnamon really warms up on the scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth. It’s got olive oil, bananas and avocados to condition the hair which leaves is soft and defined. I always come back to this classic."

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The Olive Branch Naked Shower Gel

"I think naked shower gels are fascinating. Before trying it, your brain just says, “But…it’s...soap?” Then when you wash with them, everything clicks. You can feel the silkiness of a shower gel base but in that lovely tactile format. And, the fact that they have no need for synthetic preservatives or any packaging is a bonus. The clean and sunny scent of The Olive Branch is my favorite shower gel, and you can use it with the new Pansy Body Lotion afterwards to layer up the scent!"

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Winter winners for dry skin



Foot Lotion
Soft touch for your toes


Facial Cleanser
An all-purpose dream


Lip Scrub
Sweet like pie

Elbow Grease

Moisturizing Balm
Rich, quick-absorbing hydration

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