Almond Blossom
Almond Blossom
Almond Blossom
Almond Blossom
Almond Blossom
Almond Blossom

Almond Blossom

Nourish and blossom
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 60005
Self Preserving
Inhale the calming and cleansing aroma of this sweet almond-scented treat while you calm your skin with a blend of nourishing almond milk, smoothing almond oil and soothing rose water. Hop in the shower, rub it all over your skin and rinse off for heavenly-soft skin that smells like a dream. Also available in a packaging-free version.
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Almond Blossom



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Get naked, hop in the shower and lather up.


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Love the aroma

Orange County | 4 days ago

It's nice and gentle, not drying at all. I love the almond aroma with floral undertones.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Central Valley Cali | 5 days ago

This body wash has no scent . It lathers fine and feels moisturizing but has no scent whatsoever...

I love this so much

San Antonio | 6 days ago

Almond blossom smells very similar to snowflake, which was a lotion available during Christmas. It is amazing!! I will buy this product over and over again! Thank you lush! Also- can you make this in a body lotion please!

Lovely scent, lovely wash.

Brooklyn | 10 days ago

I really love this body wash. I love that it's sulfate free, easy to lather, and super moisturizing. Although it's "gooey," in texture, I really love the consistency. It smells like lovely almond, marzipan, and cherries. Please don't discontinue this!!!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Smells Lovely

British Columbia | 18 days ago

It has a sort of transforming scent - heavy on the almond while washing, a bit of the rose while rinsing, and then the cedar scent lingers after drying. Unfortunately I can't get past the weird texture, it's like mucus. Would like to see this as a bar soap & lotion instead.

Very gooey

Dallas TX | 20 days ago

This doesn't really even quite smell like almond. And it's soo gooey when you try to squeeze it out of the bottle - when you release so that the gel can drop - it ends up just sucking right back up into the bottle. Plus it doesn't really lather. You just don't feel clean after. It's too bad because I was so excited for an almond scented body wash!

Great smell. Awful Texture. MUST use a loufa.

mclean, va | 20 days ago

I LOVE the way this makes me smell, but be warned, it has a slimy, snot-like texture that slips off of your hands and into the drain--this makes a small bottle pretty useless, as you find yourself loosing half of what you put on and wasting egregious amounts. A loufa is a MUST. Without one to break up the clots and actually spread the soap, this product is a gooey (but wonderfully smelling!) waste. They need to amend the recipe. I only gave it 4 stars because I really cannot get enough of the smell. Tl; dr: use a loufa to spread the product, lest you want your money to literally slip down the drain
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love love love

Florida | 26 days ago

My husband loves this scent on me. It's a sweet almond scent, and a light flower scent as well. Not a grandma flower scent, a light flirty flower scent. I like that it doesn't have SLS in it. You don't need bubbles to be clean. It's a rich lather and if you have sensitive skin, your skin will thank you for using this. The scent lingers a few hours and it's light. I wish this was made into a lotion.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


St. Pete | 28 days ago

I don't like the almond scent, it's really the only note you get and it just smells odd. The texture is just gross... it's like mucusy. It comes out in blobs and falls off you easily or gets stuck in the bottle. Pair that with the white color it's uhhh yeah. A miss with this one.

Did I get a bottle from a misfired batch?

North | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I usually love almond type scents and absolutely loved snowflake, thus I figured this one would be a no-brainer. Boy, was I wrong! The scent is so overpowering in the Almond department which does not allow the rose to come through. Plus, the gel is far too thick to the point of it being a slimy, blobbing and gooey mess. I am really disappointed with Almond Blossom.
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