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Sultana Of Soap
Sultana Of Soap
Sultana Of Soap

Sultana Of Soap

Lusciously rich and velvety
3.6 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 00609
Revel in Sultana’s majesty and wash with the royalty of soaps. It looks like a fancy Italian dessert, a giant nougat cake topped with succulent currants and apricots, but this decadent soap was made to create a creamy lather with a light and fruity bergamot-olibanum scent. Your skin will be delighted and you’ll be left softer and smelling like a fancy candy shop with a touch of fruity sweetness.
One bar of soap equals one 500ml bottle of the liquid stuff. 1.4 billion bottles of liquid soap are used yearly. Not all are recyclable or recycled. Go plastic-free.
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Sultana Of Soap
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Lather up then rinse clean!

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723 Reviews
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smells terrible

usa | 5 days ago

I do not know how anyone likes this scent, I couldn't stand it. it looks beautiful and feels soft but the scent is just not for me!

Not a good scent

Dallas, TX | 20 days ago

This scent isn't so good. I unwrapped it and smelled it and it smelled really gross to me. Then I was like ok whatever I'll use it as hand soap. But I was brushing my daughters hair and she said "mom, you smell like pool water and old lady" I knew she was talking about my new soap because I thought it smelled like pool water and old lady too! I wanted to love this, but I can't keep using it because I don't want that scent on me

Smells fantastic but leaves me too squeaky

Florida | 21 days ago

I love the scent of this soap, and love that it stays on my skin for a long time. However, Lush markets this soap as "creamy" and "leaving you soft" but my skin squeaks and feels stripped after using this.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

My favourite

Barrie | 27 days ago

My all time favourite soap. The scent is divine!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Heavenly Smell

Shipshewana, IN | 30 days ago

I find that this soap lasts me awhile which I appreciate because Lush soaps are a bit pricey. The smell is heavenly and the lather seems soft and hydrating. I am in love with this soap. The only thing I don't care for are the fruit type things on it because they just fall off and have to be cleaned out of the drain. That being said, it is a small negative and I just can't get enough of that lovely scent.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Kansas City, MO | 1 month ago

Soft bar soap. Creamy lather. Pieces easily come off during use. Sweet smell but not overpowering.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I would buy this product again

East Orange, New Jersey | 1 month ago

My daughter bought this for me for Mother's day. The scent is not over powering. But I'm in love with how my skin feels after using it. I mainly use it for my face and have noticed a difference in how soft and smooth the skin on my face feels. Definitely buying more

Both calming and uplifting

Skokie, USA | 1 month ago

I bought Sultana of Soap for the kitchen, where I spend the most time in my house. I chose it for the scent, which I find both calming and uplifting. It has also proven to be gentle on hands, a particularly appreciated feature in the time of Covid. I will buy more.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I would buy this soap again & again & FOREVER!

Houston, Tx | 1 month ago

I love the smell, love it so much I want to eat it! Leaves my body feeling amazing, as if I was showering in the jungle 🤘✊ Highly recommend this soap!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not for me

Oakville | 1 month ago

The soap is creamy and lathers beautifully. I really wanted something that carried the scent of Bergamot. But the scent was so strong I had to wrap it up and put it away because I could smell it from outside the bathroom. It does not smell like Bergamot and it is overpowering. I will not use it again.
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