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Float off to dreamland on a lavender cloud. Sleepy has an oat milk base that gives this soap a soothing lather, while kaolin cleanses and gently buffs. It's a soporific brew brimming with lavender lullabies, tranquil tonka and spellbinding ylang ylang to lift spirits and ease anxieties.
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Lather up then rinse clean!

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Dreamy lavender-tonka confections
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I preferred old format

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Wading River, NY | 10 days ago

I have been using this soap and only this soap for about a year now, I think. I am obsessed with the smell. The lavender isn't overpowering, as the vanilla/caramel like scent balances everything out nicely. The soap itself is super creamy which I love, producing lots of skin softening suds. The only minor complaint I ever had was that each bar only lasted me about two weeks, which isn't that long. Fourteen showers. However, the format changed sometime in the past month and while the weight hasn't really changed, the shape has. It used to be a thick cloud shape, now it's a longer but thinner bar, with 2020 written on one side. I bought three bars in my last order — each bar lasted four days, four showers. I keep my soap out of the water when it's not being used, so the fact that these three bars were gone completely in 12 days is a disappointment. I hope the old format is brought back because it's not affordable for me to keep purchasing this on a regular basis now. I'm going to place an order now, but unfortunately I'll be using the soap sparingly and using other soap during most showers. I'm super bummed.
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I may buy it again

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Out west | 14 days ago

It smells not to overbearing like karma is for me. Nice and clean, fresh pretty. It's very soft so does get used quickly. I will search for mor in this product line.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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