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Ro's Argan
Ro's Argan
Ro's Argan

Ro's Argan

Sweet and skin-softening
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 06089
With a decorative sprinkling of red and yellow roses, this glossy, moisturizing soap is a decadent experience from start to finish. After you’ve washed up with the creamiest suds imaginable, our sweet and fruity Rose Jam perfume will linger on your skin that’s been softened by antioxidant-rich argan oil, soothing rose oil and hydrating glycerin.
One bar of soap equals one 500ml bottle of the liquid stuff. 1.4 billion bottles of liquid soap are used yearly. Not all are recyclable or recycled. Go plastic-free.
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Ro's Argan
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44 Reviews
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Favorite soap ever

Queens, NY | 8 days ago

So... I bought this online and I have not gotten to use it because they sent me wet bars.. I love this soap but I can't use it!! My sultana soap fell apart in my hand and my hands were dry! I had to cut the other one up in slivers for that one to dry. . if you ever buy soap and it's mooshy please don't use it yet. Let it sit somewhere dry and cool like a pile of clothes or underwear drawer... For at least 2 weeks. I love the scent and I love the giant petals on top...
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

My favorite soap

Dallas, TX | 13 days ago

This soap is so luxurious; yes, it's pricey, but entirely worth it in my opinion. To me it does not smell fake at all (like some other reviewers have said). It's probably best to try to find it in store and smell before you buy as the scent seems to be a matter of opinion. Fair warning though: the soap that you receive in the mail looks absolutely NOTHING like the pretty image on the website: it is a very dark reddish brown and the rose petals are giant dark purple blobs baked into the soap (also-- do not use this if you do not have a big shower drain because the petals come off easily when you use it). But I really don't mind how it looks, as I keep it in a square lush tin anyway when I'm not using it, and it always makes my skin feel incredibly soft and the rose scent lingers for hours afterwards.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

There's no way you guys actually liked this soap

Tucson, Arizona | 30 days ago

I got this soap as a treat for myself as I normally stick to cheap Dove bars, but for 15xs the price, I was expecting something decent. Appearance: My product didn't look anything like the picture— no cutesy bar with golden flower petals on it. I got a weird, stinky wedge of soap wrapped in cling wrap with a single soggy flower petal crammed onto the side. Smell: I can't understand how anybody likes the smell of this soap, unless my weirdo triangle 'bar' came from the bottom of the soap barrel. It smells like someone's grandma described the scent of roses to an alien, and that alien decided to make the world's strongest, fakest-smelling perfume. It REEKS. Ever since opening the box my entire house has smelled of 10,000 fake roses compacted into a mildly squishy blob which looked so weird my boyfriend took a 'nibble' because he thought it was exotic candy. Overall I would say this has been my first and last Lush experience. I'd heard great things but after getting a stinky triangle mush-pile I'll have to stick to cheap body wash. Thanks for the $16 lesson Lush, guess I'll be saving money in the long run.


NYC | 1 month ago

I originally ordered 3 Parsley Porridge soaps, but out of the 3 I accidentally got 1 of this. It smells INCREDBLE. I came to check if it was vegan so I could use it. And let me tell you... BEST MISTAKE. So worth it! But the texture feels sort of soft & squishy? Maybe, because it was hot traveling in the mail?
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Regina | 1 month ago

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Ro's Argan body conditioner! So, I bought a bar of the soap because I believed that not only would it smell amazing, but it would look so pretty with the rose petals. Right?!?! No. First, I will describe how it looks. The colour is an angry, dull, reddish-purple colour that resembles an organ. Liver, kidney, lung, etc. I also cannot discern yellow, or red rose petals suspended in the soap. What I can discern, are slimy bits of some type of matter that I do not want washing down my bathroom sink. Secondly, I will describe what it is like to use. It is amazing on the skin of your hands! It leaves them soft, and not at all dried out, or irritated. The smell is AMAZING, and does not disappoint. In conclusion, it looks horrendous, but it is amazing on the skin! 3 out of 5 stars, because i can get past how it looks.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I'm addicted to this soap.

Atlanta | 1 month ago

I just can't wait till the store re-opens. Can't find substitution. The aroma is so gentle I just want to stay in shower longer. Body fills clean and fresh. It's like being in the rose garden
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love love love!!!

Phoenix, AZ | 2 months ago

I guess it's really all on your preference of smell. To me this was the best soap I've ever had. It smells so good and it makes my skin soft the display of the soap all together looks amazing, Would totally recommend!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Used to be great

Seattle, Washington | 5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I'm not sure if Lush has toned down the perfume (so we buy the layering products) or the bar had been sitting out too long, but I replenished my supply a few weeks ago and this time it just didn't have that heady aroma. My bathroom used to smell heavenly. On the bright side, I can save $20 each bar and get something else..

Couldn't smell Rose's just vanilla

OREGON | 5 months ago

I don't care for large petals in my soap. They clog the drain and stain if not rinsed away. This soap has more of a vanilla smell, but not rose.

My whole bathroom smells like heaven!!!

Guayas | 5 months ago

Verified Reviewer

My favorite favorite favorite from the soap bars. Really good at hydrating my skin, cleansing and I get the smell on my skin for the whole day. I love it!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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