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Respect Your Elders
Respect Your Elders
Respect Your Elders

Respect Your Elders

Elderberry and bergamot blend
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 06053
Elderberries, elderflower infusion and olibanum oil create a magically fruity spell for warding off dirt and grime. Each inky purple slice lathers beautifully into a rich, creamy foam and leaves skin gorgeously scented and feeling silky soft. Don't be fooled by its dark, moody color—Respect Your Elders has a light and fresh scent that you'll enjoy throughout the day.
One bar of soap equals one 500ml bottle of the liquid stuff. 1.4 billion bottles of liquid soap are used yearly. Not all are recyclable or recycled. Go plastic-free.
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Respect Your Elders
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Lather up then rinse clean!

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134 Reviews
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Best Soap for Spiritual Cleansing

New Bedford, MA | 2 days ago

Love this soap! I recommend this soap to all of my clients who are practicing self love and wanting to keep their space clear from low vibes/toxic energy! A must have for any Intuitive or person who feels the need to get a recharge!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love this fragrance!

Edisto Island, SC | 5 days ago

I bought this online scent unknown and almost took it out of my cart. So glad I didn't. It's my new favorite soap and I will actually be buying more to gift. I highly recommend it. It smells incredible and makes my skin feel wonderful! Get some today!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Favorite soap

Loudon, TN | 24 days ago

I've been using this soap since last summer. To me, it is one of the least drying soaps you can get at lush, and the smell is divine.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love the feel

Toronto | 30 days ago

This soap lathers well and feels really lovely on my skin. I don't find it dries my skin out and I tend to feel pretty soft afterward (I have oily to average skin). It's a beautiful colour and the scent is quite nice, despite the fact that I normally wouldn't go for something so sweet smelling.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Good, little bit gel-like

Washington | 1 month ago

I've had smoother body soaps, but it smells great and does its job well, so can't fault it! Looks like it will last a while.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


San Francisco | 1 month ago

I use the LUSH soap bars for hand soap in my kitchen and bathroom (cutting down in plastic use). I always go for sultana soap for its creaminess but noticed my sink was getting clogged and thought the soap may be the culprit. Switched to this soap and while it does cut the oil in the kitchen and leaves me feeling clean, the scent is very strong. Smells like sunscreen and almost gives me a headache. I'll switch to another bar of soap and stay away from this one in the future.

Smells great

Florida | 1 month ago

Silky soft, smells great, lathers great, just cut off the pieces you want to use it goes a Long Way. Hands down would buy again
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

New favorite lush product

Pittsburgh, PA | 1 month ago

This smells so good! I lean pretty heavily toward floral scents and this soap strikes the perfect balance between fruity and flowery. The scent seems to last most of the day as well - I smell as good after work as I do before. The scent is also a fantastic complement to the goddess scent family when used in a bath/with other products. My boyfriend is also a big fan of this particular scent - it works well with traditionally "male" scents like dangle wood. I cure my soap on the windowsill for a week or two before using and it seems to extend the life on the soap. This particular product doesn't lather a ton when used as just the bar, so it's not great for shaving. You can get more of a lather if you use a soap saver or a washcloth. All in all, this is my new favorite item to keep in stock and I'm literally buying all of my friends a bar.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Bountiful Berries

VA | 1 month ago

Initially, I was worried this scent would be too floral but it smells more like fruity preserves when I lathered it up. Love the swirls of purple tones ranging from deep eggplant to light lavender. Sometimes, lush soaps seem so fresh that they need a little time to cure so I waited on using this for about 6-8 weeks and it hardened nicely. Using it sooner is great if you like a more soft consistency but it doesn't last as long that way.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

No didn't care for the soap

Milwaukee WI | 1 month ago

First time ordering this soap it doesn't soap up very feels rubbery so I wouldn't order this again
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