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Did you know that all of our products are 100% vegetarian and that more than 80% of those are made with vegan ingredients?

While other soap and cosmetics manufacturers rely on animal ingredients, we actively source vegetarian alternatives. For instance, the glycerin we use in our soap base is made from non-GMO Belgian rapeseed oil, resulting in luxurious, 100% vegetarian soaps.

In some cases, we do use ingredients like honey, yogurt and eggs in our vegetarian products, but rest assured! We work tirelessly to ensure that every ingredient we use is sourced only from suppliers who are as staunch about their own cruelty-free practices as we are.

Being vegetarian is something we’ve always been passionate about.

We've been fighting against animal testing for more than 30 years because we don't believe in cruelty to animals: not for food, not for clothing and definitely not for cosmetics.