No Nukes

In May 2010, in the lead up to the Non-Proliferation Treaty discussions in New York (which take place every 5 years), we hosted very special visitors from Japan with a message of peace... in the shape of a dress made of 1000 origami peace cranes. Japanese tradition believes that if 1000 cranes are handmade, that a wish will come true. Human rights activist and LUSH Japan's Ethics Director, Emi Akiyama wore the dress made of paper cranes to share the message of peace as we marched in the peace rally.

Why did we decide to go nuclear? With LUSH shops in both the United States and Japan, the only nations to have dropped a nuclear weapon and suffered the effects, we wanted to see a global nuclear disarmament. Uniting under a message of peace we wanted to raise awareness and gain support for a Peace Action petition asking US President Obama for a nuclear free world.

Our Partners

Along with LUSH Japan, we worked with Peace Action. Peace Action is the largest grassroots peace network in the U.S. with representatives in 30 states and have been campaigning for peace for over 50 years. They organize and pressure Congress and the Administration through write-in campaigns, Internet actions, citizen lobbying, and direct action.

To find out more about Peace Action, please visit: