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Sea Moss Is Good In Smoothies, But It's Also Great for Your Skin


"This refreshing pick-me-up soothes and cleanses skin, whether you use it as a mid-day mist or a toner. Along with sea moss, Lush has infused its Breath Of Fresh Air Toner with a blend of sea-inspired ingredients, including sea water, aloe vera gel, and rose absolute."

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Everything you need to know about adding some much-needed moisture to your routine


“Lush touts this [Skin's Shangri La] as its richest moisturizer, and with beneficial skincare ingredients including aloe vera extract and Queen of Hungary water—a mixture of water, vodka and rosemary that’s known to tighten and firm fine lines—it’s easy to see why."

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9 Food-Inspired Beauty Products That Are (Almost) Good Enough to Eat

Real Simple

"Need a kickstart to your day? Cup O'Coffee Face And Body Mask is made entirely from freshly ground coffee beans, so you can trust that sweet roasted cocoa aroma is 100 percent authentic. One application will leave your skin bright, smooth, and glowing, which is how most of us feel after that first cup of morning coffee.”

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We Can Barely Contain Our Egg-citement Over Lush's All-New Easter Collection


"Lush's brand-new Easter collection may not come with edible chocolate bunnies, but it's filled with all sorts of other products that make us nostalgic for Easter celebrations of years past."

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Beauty Sleep

The Zoe Report

“The brand-new Lush Beauty Sleep Face and Body Mask is, at its heart, a launch that's unique to the cult-favorite beauty and lifestyle brand. An all-in-one extravaganza; cold-pressed evening primrose oil encourages skin elasticity while those aforementioned fruit juices assist with brightening. Then, on top of all of that, the mask features gentle physical exfoliation in the form of ground organic aduki beans..” 

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Curls, Coils and Textured Hair

Hello Beautiful

"As someone who is often on the market for natural hair products, I was excited to learn that Lush Cosmetics launched a collection of products for natural, kinky and coily hair textures. The line is spearheaded by Sarah Sango, a Black haircare specialist with over 19 years in the business. With her knowledge, family recipes and tons of experience styling Black hair, Sarah worked together with the Lush team to create a collection of innovative products that would take natural hair care to the next level."

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Best Bath Bombs

The New York Times

“After soaking in data from 46 on-the-record baths involving bath bombs from 14 different brands, we’re certain that Lush makes the most luxurious bath bombs (which start at $5 apiece).”

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Navigating Our Social Community In COVID

 Marketing Trendz Magazine

“When navigating the current health, safety, and social climate, LUSH took the time to take a step back and prioritize its online content. The silver lining of COVID-19: The opportunity to decide as a team the most important issues to promote and discuss across digital and social channels. The fresh handmade cosmetics company continues to use its social media presence to connect with its community, product relevant content, and provide a solution to any shared challenges that its followers might face.” 

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Brandi Halls Interview


"Get to know Brandi Halls, the Director of Brand Communications at Lush Cosmetics. After graduating from college in 2003, Halls immediately began working at Lush Cosmetics’ Vancouver headquarters and has been with the company ever since. Throughout her nearly 18-year tenure at the brand, Halls’ role has continuously evolved."

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Image card - Cosmopolitan
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17 Best Toners for the Brightest, Smoothest Skin of All Time

Image card - Men’s Health
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The 12 Best Soaps for Men of All Skin Types

Image card - Women’s Health
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Can’t Catch Those Zzz’s? Here Are 40 Genius Products to Help You Sleep

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31 Products That'll Help You Reach Your Goals In 2021