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Strawberries And Clean
Strawberries And Clean
Strawberries And Clean
Strawberries And Clean
Strawberries And Clean
Strawberries And Clean
Strawberries And Clean
Strawberries And Clean
Strawberries And Clean
Strawberries And Clean

Strawberries And Clean

Summertime sweetness
3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 09738
For those with a sweet tooth, we have a new berry-flavored way to brush. It opens with the lip-smacking taste of vanilla pod infusion, lime oil and strawberry extract to tempt your tastebuds, while a dash of sugar-free stevia and xylitol to make things extra sweet. Plus agar agar and carrageenan extract give this jelly its cruelty-free wobble, which is extremely our jam. Brush up on your backhand with Strawberries And Clean.
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Strawberries And Clean
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How to Use

Scoop out some jelly onto a dry toothbrush, then add water and use as regular toothpaste.


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Good toothpaste

Boston, MA | 15 days ago

The toothy tabs are my go-to, but I wanted to switch it up and went with Strawberries and Clean. I don't like mint so this was a great alternative. It doesn't taste exactly like strawberries, but no strawberry toothpaste ever does. I have a hard time trying to get the right portion on my brush. It sticks to itself so if I try to dip it back in, usually even more gets ont my brush. Just have to be careful with that, a little will go a long way; but if you get too much it doesn't break down or foam up and you end up spitting the exess jelly out. Another thing is that though it does taste like strawberries, there is a bit of a soapy after taste. However, if you are also following with a mouthwash then this isn't really an issue. It pairs great with Spritz mouthwash tabs. Also, I would always pick this over traditional toothpaste because it does the job, and the pot is recyclable.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Dallas, TX | 16 days ago

Taste was weird. Then the next morning my whole mouth was broken out. I do have a super sensitive mouth so I only used a small amount and kept it on my teeth only to avoid my gums but it did not help. If you have sensitivity at all, I would avoid this product. I've loved everything else from Lush though!!

The tooth jellies are an odd texture for me

Lexington, KY | 16 days ago

I prefer the strawberry tooth fairy powder a year or so ago. My teeth felt clean and they were much whiter after I used the used the tooth fairy powder. The jellies are a no go for me and the tabs are wasteful in my opinion. You can't really reuse the bottles in any manner and we can't recycle them where I live.

A family crowd pleaser

San Diego, Ca | 16 days ago

4 out of 5 kids and myself enjoy this toothpaste alternative. The flavor is so nice. My toddler is still learning to brush properly, so she isn't a fan of the strange jelly on her brush since she usually tries to lick it first??? But all in all it gives a great lather with a clean feel. I only wish they had a Costco family size.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Tastes like Candy.

PA | 1 month ago

As an alternative to toothpaste, I'm not sure where I land. It tasted great, my teeth felt clean but it didn't do much for morning breath and after a while my teeth would be sore but I could switch to regular toothpaste and be fine. I'm going to try their tooth tabs,

Love it

Florida | 1 month ago

No, it doesn't take like regular toothpaste, and yes there's something a little soapy about it (but not as much as with some of the other toothpaste jellies, like Bluetooth.) Personally I really like the flavor. I'm bored with overly minty toothpastes. This one has a sweet and refreshing flavor. I would use this regularly if they made it a regular offering. I've bought several pots already.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not a replacement for tooth fairy

PORTLAND, OR | 1 month ago

I wouldn't buy this again and won't even finish the pot. The flavor was very medicinal, not really like strawberries. Not sure if its the flavor or the "jelly" but my tongue felt numb after using it for a good 20 minutes. This was recommended by the store associate as a replacement for what used to be the powders, such as tooth fairy, and I personally would not compare them at all in flavor or brushing feeling.

It feels clean, but no.

Bay Area | 1 month ago

Ok so, my mouth feels clean after using it, but the scent makes me gag everytime I use it just because of the smell/taste. It's terrible. If I can return it, I absolutely will.

Plaque Sabbath is better

Waterloo | 1 month ago

The flavour is good, but you can only take a small amount or it starts tasting like soap. It works as well as the other one I ordered, but j prefer Plaque Sabbath as it has a nicer after taste to it
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I will buy this product again and again!

Atlantis, Fl | 1 month ago

I am in love with this toothpaste jelly! It's flavor is so delicious and it cleans my teeth so well! I highly recommend it!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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