In 2007 and 2008 we shed our clothes, and got Naked to spread awareness and to get people to shed their excess packaging. Silly? Maybe. But if our bits helped do our bit for the environment, it was definitely worth it. As a company we feel it is our responsibility to be as ethically accountable as possible. There are many problems facing the world, and the enormous overuse of packaging is one of them. This is an area where we feel we can have a huge impact, by striving to eliminate packaging wherever possible, and educating our customers to do the same. We want retailers and manufacturers to eliminate their packaging, and for consumers to do their part by buying naked, unpackaged, products.

Packaging generates an enormous amount of waste with millions upon millions of tonnage ending up in the landfill each year. Over a year, one person consumes 200 pounds of plastic, 60 pounds of which are immediately thrown away.

LUSH has lead the way in innovative unpacked products, such as solid shampoo bars, conditioners, hennas and massage bars, which save millions of plastic bottles from being produced, transported and disposed of every year. We still have a range of minimally packaged products, which are all housed in post-consumer waste packaging.