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Ingredient Facts - 31 Article(s)

One of the many perks of working for LUSH is getting to see and try all the products before they’re released. How else are we going to tell you all about them? Read more
The violet leaf absolute we use in Tuca Tuca is an extract of the sweet violet flower’s leaves. Read more
We use organic, Fair Trade cocoa butter in our Therapy massage bar to nourish, soothe and deeply moisturize dry skin. Read more
We always put the whole fruit in (did you ever think otherwise!) – those spotty bits you can see are the fig seeds. Read more
We use scoops of sweet ground almonds in many of our skincare products because they create such a wonderful, gentle exfoliation. Read more
We use chamomile blue oil extensively across all our product ranges for it’s gentle, soothing nature. Read more
Cupuacu trees are a traditional rainforest food source native to Brazil and Cuba. Cold-pressing the seeds of the cupuacu fruit creates a thick, rich butter high in beneficial fatty acids. Read more
What could be kinder? Read more
The skin on your hands is actually very delicate and thin and has few oil glands which leads to dryness. Read more
The banana isn’t some kind of a joke. The finished scent on the skin is sophisticated and contemporary in my opinion Read more
We don’t bother spending money on having the best quality packaging – we’d rather spend the money on the best quality ingredients instead. Read more
Eggs offer the perfect food for hungry hair and skin, and are an important ingredient to products we can’t imagine living without. Read more