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Holiday soap gifts

Sweet sudsers and ethical extras.

 In 2020, what could make a better gift than a festive, sweet and eco-friendly gift set featuring bestselling soaps, ethical giftwrap, handy hand towels and soap dishes made from recycled materials?

Stack the deck

Choose from three adorable soap stack gifts featuring two beloved bar soaps and a tenugui cotton wrap that doubles as a beautiful hand towel. 

Low-waste washes
Cloudlike comfort
Two sweet, fruity washes
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Eco-friendly Holiday Packaging

Wrap with waste-free alternatives

Dish it

We've broken the mold to bring you one-of-a-kind, gorgeous ceramic dishes to hold your favorite sudsers, made from around 80% post-consumer recycled clay.

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Goodbye dry, cracked and tough skin!

Take care of the delicate skin on your hands with moisturizing and scrubbing products.

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