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Jason And The Argan Oil
Jason And The Argan Oil
Jason And The Argan Oil
Jason And The Argan Oil
Jason And The Argan Oil
Jason And The Argan Oil
Jason And The Argan Oil
Jason And The Argan Oil
Jason And The Argan Oil

Jason And The Argan Oil

Softening argan oil bar
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 05564
Self Preserving
On a quest for stronger, shinier, softer hair? Look no further! This luxurious Rose Jam-scented bar will help you achieve all your hair aspirations. Gorgeous Moroccan argan oil in a moisturizing glycerin base leaves hair smooth and shiny, and our fresh and sophisticated lemon-rose perfume will linger in your locks all day long. This solid self-preserving bar will last for up to 80 washes (that’s the work of three bottles of liquid shampoo!) and requires no packaging.
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Jason And The Argan Oil
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How to Use

Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair. Massage into the hair and scalp then rinse clean.

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New Orleans LA | 5 days ago

First time trying a shampoo bar. I was very hesitant b/c my hair is VERY thick and coarse. I rubbed the bar in my hands to create a lather and I also rubbed the bar around my hair line to give it extra shampoo. The results were amazing! I felt my hair was truly clean and soft. I highly recommend this product.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

So good

Lexington, Kentucky | 5 days ago

I have long thick hair and finally found a shampoo bar that softens it. And it smells GREAT, I can't really smell any rose in mine (glad about that I'm not a big rose smell fan) the argan is strong but a good strong. It is a slight bit drying on my scalp which was odd so this is a product I think I'll only be using like every other use and have to alternate with "new" shampoo bar or others. Over all it's a great bar.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Best shampoo I've used

Summerville SC | 5 days ago

I have a very sensitive scalp that itches and flakes a lot so I've been trying new shampoos forever. After using this for a week I have complete relief. I'm so glad I was gifted this product
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Do not buy! Leaves scalp dry and itchy

Los Angeles, CA | 6 days ago

I strongly recommend against purchasing. My hair and scalp are not sensitive and I usually never have trouble finishing any shampoo that I buy. But this shampoo bar made my hair feel too squeaky-clean and stripped of oil as I washed it out and my scalp remained dry and itchy even the next day. I wanted to return it but I threw out the original packaging and packing slip. If you decide to try this product, I'd suggest keeping the packaging and packing slip so you can return it if necessary. I should have listened to all the bad reviews here but I really like argan oil, so I decided to try it. I will never make this purchase again.


USA | 6 days ago

I used this shampoo for about 3 months. I cleaned my hair so well in the beginning. Then I started noticing HOW THIN my hair became. My hair was thinning and falling out. LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS PEOPLE!!!!! Please please be aware!

Never again

Kelowna | 10 days ago

I usually use the Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar, but ended up getting this one for free as a prize from work, so decided to give it a try! The first washed seemed okay, but any wash after that it left my hair feeling greasy and felt like it was coated in a layer of product. My boyfriend had the same experience. We thought we might be lathering too much, or letting it sit in our hair too long, but we tried to cut back and rinse out right away and it still made our hair feel gross within hours of getting out of the shower. Made it through 2 weeks before throwing it out and going to buy our regular bars.

AVOID! Dries and Damages with a single use

Boston, MA | 20 days ago

I used this product twice and will never use it again. (Honestly, the only reason I used it a second time is that it smelled so good.) Right away my scalp was dry and itchy. So much hair came out in the shower. The product lathers very well--but this is because of the large number of sulfates! Don't be fooled by the earthy-crunchy branding, Lush hair products still use sodium lauryl sulfates for some baffling reason. The whole rest of the hair care world has agreed this is what dries out your hair in the worst way (google it!)...but Lush hasn't caught up for some reason. The only thing it achieves is the soapy foam that everyone has been convinced is equivalent to a deep clean. You hair feels soft and light because it's been stripped of ALL the oils. Good and bad. SO upsetting because I LOVE Lush for all other products. But this bar proves I still can't trust them with my hair... Weeks later and I'm still deep conditioning to try and reverse the effects of two washes with this bar.

A tiny bit drying

San Diego | 23 days ago

This product is definitely too drying for me to be able to use every day. I bought this, pretty much already knowing that. I don't plan on using it more than once every few days so I'm not worried about that. The smell is absolutely lovely and it suds up very easily.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Finally, you'll be the girl with good smelling hair.

PA | 24 days ago

The only reason I didn't give this a five-star review is because I'm not sure it is the "perfect" bar for my hair. I'm new to using shampoo and conditioner bars and this was the first one I picked up. My major piece of advice is, do not rub the bar on your head - lather it in your hands. In my experience, rubbing the bar on my head caused my hair to be too oily. It smells amazing and lathers so well! I would purchase again. Perhaps when I color my hair I will love it even more.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Amazing! Smells SO good!!

Vancouver | 24 days ago

I struggle to remove all the grease from my hair with regular shampoo but this does the trick! It smells amazing and really cleans my hair. You can easily use to much product however because it lathers really well, and it can make your hair a tiny bit dry. For people with oily hair like mine, the dry feeling doesn't last once my hair is actually dry and always looks amazing afterwards!! Will never go back to regular shampoo!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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