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Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash
Avocado Co-Wash

Avocado Co-Wash

Avocado-cocoa butter mashup
3.9 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 05940
Self Preserving
Wash and condition in one creamy step! The perfect balance of cleansing and hydrating ingredients leaves hair weightlessly moisturized without stripping away natural oils. Fresh avocados and a nourishing mix of cupuaçu butter, cocoa butter and shine-enhancing cider vinegar define curls, tame frizz and leave locks gleaming. Plus, its fruity bergamot scent will keep your mood sunny, too!
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Avocado Co-Wash
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How to Use

Slide directly over wet hair or create a creamy lather in your hands first. Massage in to hair and scalp to distribute evenly then rinse thoroughly.

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Lovely scent

NC | 1 day ago

This smells divine, but it did not produce any lather, and it was not easy to use on my hair. It got really soft and slimy the more I used it. I'm so disappointed because as I said, the scent is delicious.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great product

Vancouver | 3 days ago

Fine blonde straight hair. Love the way it makes my hair feel. Smooths frizz. Would do away with the wax if I could. I still need to shampoo once a week As I have fine hair but this is one of the best Co-washes I've used.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great beard wash!

Runnemede Nj | 4 days ago

This product is great to keep my beard soft, straight and healthy! I just peel off the red wax rind and put the rest in a container with a little water and it will soften to a paste to massage in everytime I shower!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not buying the shampoo again

Washington, DC | 5 days ago

I decided to try the solid shampoo and I was very disappointed. It didn't lather on my palm, or directly in the hair or on the scalp. Instead, it pulled out a lot of my hair every time I tried. It get's all mushy without helping with the lather at all. Plus, I felt like it was leaving some residue on the hair. I have used the other shampoo bars numerous times and I love them! They lather like nobody's business, smell nice, leave no residue on or off the hair. So unless there is a better way to use that I am unaware of, I don't recommend THIS particular product.


bradford | 5 days ago

I saw a lot of mixed reviews about this co wash and after a couple months of debating I picked it up. I have wavy/curly hair and when I first used it this co-wash it stuck to my hair in clumps and i'm like huh? but then I had this great idea! we pay so much for such a small amount so why rinse it down the drain? I wet my hair and rubbed a slice of the co-wash into my palm to dissolve it and run it through my hair. I didn't rinse it out, and instead used it as a leave in conditioner. I tied my hair in a bun for two hours and then I let it out and my waves were beautiful curls! which lasted for 3 days! Give this another chance guys!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I'm probably feeling unnecessarily salty about this...

British Columbia | 6 days ago

It's an amazing 2-in-1 bar, but the wax coating has to go. Look at the product photos - that huge enormous waxless bar he's using - that's not what you get when you buy it online. If you buy it in store you could probably get a nice waxless chunk by weight, but if you buy it online you might get the end-corner piece that is waxed on 50% of it's surface area. That's what I received. Like I get that they have to sell the end pieces, but they should at least offer those as a discounted option. Not like "Surprise! You get the soap-butt." after paying full price for a 100g bar that has like 10g of annoying sticky wax on it. Grr!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Wax=negative, dissolves easily

Washington | 10 days ago

It smells great, don't get me wrong! But there is a point that a hard, very uncomfortable wax covering and too soft shampoo (literally dissolved with water- more of it comes off when I put it under water to lather than when I try and shampoo my hair (and if you don't put it under water first it doesn't lather in your hair). I've liked and loved lush Products but I do not like this.

Smells Amazing but...

PA | 15 days ago

The wax is a bit of a deal breaker. It keeps breaking off in my shower and I'm pretty sure the first time I used it I got wax in my hair so... that's not great. I'd deff buy this again if they could come up with a diff way of 'packaging' it.

Not for me

Cary NC | 16 days ago

Never review products, but i thought I'd give buyers a warning. This product is DEEPLY moisturizing, and if you don't have dry hair, this will leave your hair greasy after it's dried. I have fine, thick hair and the day after washing my hair was greasyyyy. So sad, I would recommend this product with people with drying hair, maybe the 3a-4c curl ladies and lads, but not girls with Thin hair. Besides that, the product smelled great and applied nicely, just lather in your hands

Hello again bouncy curls!

Montana | 18 days ago

Oh boy, I am so happy with this! I finally cut down to two shampoo washes a week before trying this stuff. I have roughly 2C curls, but live in a dry climate, which restricts my curls, and have rather thin hair, so I can't use much product. This stuff doesn't lather much, but you can rub it right on your scalp. It makes my hair feel clean like shampoo and is surprisingly light enough that my hair is fluffy and bouncy with defined curls and waves.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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