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Angel Hair
Angel Hair
Angel Hair
Angel Hair

Angel Hair

Heaven and hair
3.6 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Self Preserving
Sensitive scalps and dry hair need be handled with ethereal softness. That's where Angel Hair Shampoo Bar comes in, with its skin-soothing rose water and a touch of toning witch hazel extract to keep heads happy and healthy. And when it comes to your stressed tresses, we've added plenty of fair trade organic cocoa butter to soften and smooth, while aquafaba strengthens and thickens. A little ylang ylang oil adds a heavenly scent that hovers like a halo long after you've left the shower.
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Angel Hair
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How to Use

Rub between hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair. Massage into the hair and scalp then rinse clean.

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Never agian

Dallas, Texas | 11 days ago

This weirdly make my 2B hair very hint of my natural waves and also gave me dandruff? I used about four times with the same results continuously. As soon as I used my husbands cheap shampoo to wash this out my waves were back and the dandruff was gone! I won't buy this ever again.

Not the best

Texas | 1 month ago

I did not experience anything like buildup as other reviews mentioned. I didn't feel that my hair was "oily" or felt unclean after washing it, it just did not really smell like what I imagined it would. It said that roses were in the ingredient list but gosh I thought it was a little lacking in rose scent. It was okay. I'll use it, but will not repurchase. I prefer Honey I washed the kids or the seanik shampoo bar.


Atlanta, GA | 1 month ago

I bought this as my first shampoo bar (I swore I would never use them!) But, wow. This product is AMAZING! It lathers so fabulously on my hair and it smells soooo good! I usually do two rounds of shampoo (I have a greasy scalp) and it lathers much better on the second round. I definitely recommend this. It is saving me money and it takes up so much less room in my shower. I've been using it about two months and it hasn't really gotten much smaller.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Works, but doesn't last long

Wisconsin | 1 month ago

While I really enjoyed this product, I will not buy again. The salesperson at Lush told me the bar would last 60-100 washes. I wash my hair once per week and the bar lasted me about 4.5 months, which was disappointing for the price. I was hoping to find a bar shampoo that would replace my really nice bottle of shampoo at the same price (but the bottle lasts me a whole year!).

Very moisturizing but made my skin break out

Mississauga | 2 months ago

This product made my hair feel great but after long use, I developed bad breakouts near my hairline and on my face. Not suitable if you have sensitive skin as it is a heavy bar.

Totally Converted to Lush Shampoo Bars!!

Chicago IL | 2 months ago

I am totally converting to only Lush Shampoo Bars! This shampoo bar has made me ditch any and all other shampoos. It takes hardly any to use (lasting forever!) even with long hair (way past shoulder length). My hair feels cleaner and healthier than with other shampoos. I'm obsessed.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Best shape.poo bar for curly hair!!!

Alberta | 2 months ago

I have tried multiple shampoo bars from lush and was about to give up on them, because they left my curly hair feeling extremely dry and stripped of any natural oils! Anyone with curls knows you need MOISUTRE!! So, I gave the Angel Hair bar a try and am IN LOVE! I use it every 2 days when I wash my hair in combination with the blue sea salt conditioner bar. My hair is so so so moisturized, and my curls haven't been happier!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Nice, but not great for oily scalps.

Saskatoon | 4 months ago

Verified Reviewer

I was wondering why I was getting a ton of buildup on my scalp, so I came here to read the ingredients. Turns out the surfactant is sodium coco-sulphate. Which is great for dry scalps, but not mine :( I have oily roots and dry hair, so I thought it would work but unfortunately, it did not. Would be a great option for all over dry hair, though! Or as long as you clarify in between.

leaves hair feeling oily and unwashed

los angeles, ca | 4 months ago

For context, I have been bleaching my hair for 6 years and am someone who has naturally thick and course hair prone to oiliness. I used to use Jason and the Argan Oil (loved it) and wanted to try this since it was new. While this product does smell good, it does not make my hair feel clean at all. I agree with the other reviews that mention product build up and lingering oiliness. I usually wash my hair twice a week but even after one day, this product makes me feel like my hair hasn't been washed at all. Maybe this is something to use every once in a while for the smell, but not as your primary shampoo. I really wanted to love this but unfortunately it was not for me.

Really bad product build-up

Savage, Minnesota | 5 months ago

I've been using the Honey I'm home shampoo bar and loved it so I decided to try the Angel Hair... big ooufh. My product build up is so bad my hair dresser took two cleanses to get it all out. It smells nice and probably would work well on someone else... just not for me
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